A few years ago, when I first started writing here at Recruiting Blogs I must admit one of my very first posts, was all about how HR and Staffing/Recruitment were completely connected.  It was in 2008.  A lot has changed since that time, as continued technologies have evolved our staffing roles, and recruiting focus points.  Believe me, nothing pleases me more than a placement, and a satisfied hiring manager as well as satisfied candidates finding satisfaction in a career marriage.

It is important for me to write on this major topic, how HR Strategy and Recruitment focus are inextricably linked.  HR cannot exist without staffing, staffing cannot exist without HR.  So as Talent Acquisition Professionals we must look bigger picture.  Let me outline the "why" of how Staffing & HR are indeed "ONE". 

The HR Discipline has multiple facets that connect different disciplines.  As I studied and passed my PHR nearly 10 years ago this winter, I remember the Talent Connected questions.  Here again are the disciplines of HR:

1. Organizational Development & Organizational Behavior

2. Training & Development

3. HR Technology/HRIS/ATS

4. Compensation Analysis

5. Benefits Administration

6. Employee Relations

7. Recruitment/Staffing

8. HR Laws and Compliance

Consider that when you negotiate a salary - the organization has determined Compensation & Benefits related decisions - analyzing the marketplace for best fit to attract and retain talent.  The Compensation Analyst creates Job Classifications, Job Descriptions, and Job Tools and looks at how different roles should be compensated and rewarded.  The Benefits & Compensation Department should become a Recruiter's best friend.

Organizations analyze their workforce to create a succession plan that adds value, and helps key employees in your company grow in the organization.  The Job Family system helps with managing career steps that help new hires grow in your organization and retain them after you worked to recruit them. Job analysis helps you build a job description, which in turn helps with designations of FLSA status [hourly vs. salary] and this in turn sets the tone for the type of work the candidate does.

The Training Organization gives your new hire a key seat at the table to help your candidate learn their job once hired, and deliver ongoing assistance to help grow the skills necessary to stay with the organization.

Employee Relations helps your candidate integrate into the organization.

HR Technology helps you maneuver, track and keep your staffing/sourcing function on target and organized with key applicant data. It also helps you stay OFCCP compliant.

As I outline you can see indeed how Staffing/ Recruitment & HR are one.  So you must build a strategic and helpful partnership between your staffing organization and HR function.  They are linked in the same goals.  Even agency recruiters must realize that the goals they have are best aligned to gain trust of the HR Leadership in your Client Company.

HR and Staffing are joined at the hip, they are inseparable.  Having strategy in your organization tied to your HR and Staffing Initiatives, joined together, makes for an exceptional, experiential, and dynamic recruiting outcome.  You are linked to HR, and that is key to remember.  HR/Staffing/Recruitment are intimately connected.

In the ultimate people business of Staffing & HR - the culture you seek to inspire must be tied to your strategic perspective.  Recruiting and Staffing are exciting, but when appropriately tied to HR they give the HR scene it's most important outcome.  The value added partnership of HR, & Staffing must be realized, if success in recruiting is going to work right.

The key is engagement.  But a remarkable sense of pride in recruiting is most successfully built when HR & Staffing have full collaboration.  Staffing can Help HR find strategic outcomes of people engagement by building the right dynamic of candidate experience and hiring manager satisfaction.

As you ponder the strategic influence on many HR outcomes tied to staffing, realize that the Recruiting Focus you bring to the table can make a gigantic difference in your total brand as companies want a ready bench of talent before the needs arise.  And so it is - strategically an Organizational Development and Labor Forecasting info are powerful insights.  LinkedIn is not fallible and HR information must be accessible to Recruiters to help make decisions.

I have been privileged to be in staffing and recruitment for a good 10+ years.  I started as an HR Intern, but as I learned the full options available of strategic import, to sourcing and engaging passive talent, it is true, that building success and partnership with your HR department, or Client's HR Dept is vital for success. 

I take Great Pride in Staffing which helps minimize the stress of the hiring manager. When you work hard with the intent of seeing greatness you need to keep HR at the forefront.  As the years progress Staffing and HR will continue to be connected by the issues relating to Technology, Innovation, and Process Improvement. Goals HR Shares with Staffing.

And so it is.  HR/Recruitment are vital to each other's success.  By understanding the challenges your HR Partners face, you can create a more successful staffing/sourcing success outcome, when you have a dialogue and build the partnership.  Staffing is part of the bigger picture for companies, connect that with labor forecasting, trends on both the macro and micro levels and you can lead the way as you build success forward for your HR Partner's benefit.

The partnership allows for a better connection between both professional and candidate outcomes, but having knowledge of the Benefits, Compensation once gained from your HR Partner, the Offer Closes will become more dependent on the effective discussion of the bigger picture.

Yes Staffing and HR are one, and the sooner we embrace that fact, the more Staffing & HR will flourish.

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