5 iPhone Apps That Are Changing The Way Business Is Done

A business needs many tools to help them be successful no matter how big or small they are. It is up to the owner of the business to make sure that they make these tools available. In the modern world of today, smart phones have given businesses a new way to operate. For many, a smartphone can provide a competitive advantage. It can increase the efficiency of all of the employees of the business, it can improve communication for the business and it can help market a business.

When it comes to smartphones, there are plenty of choices, but many businesses are turning to one in particular to meet their business’s needs. That smartphone is the one that comes from Apple. The problem that businesses run into is they do not know how to take advantage of what the iPhone has to offer them.

iPhones Need Apps

An iPhone is only as powerful as the apps that are loaded on it. An iPhone comes pre-loaded with basic apps, but these are often designed for personal use and do not always function well for a business. Apps can do just about anything that the user wants. They can play games, they can be used for entertainment, they can offer advanced communication capabilities and they can do much more. Some of the apps that are available and some are free. Many of the free apps also offer premium versions that expand what they can do for a price. Apps for the iPhone can come from different sources and download onto the phone.

Before deciding what apps to add to the iPhone for a business, it is important to realize that the iPhone has limited storage space. Although the phones can offer large amounts of memory, they are still limited and everything stored on the phone, including photos, video and music, counts against that limit. It is a good idea to manage the apps to make sure the business has the best combination of apps without having things that overlap or that they do not need. With that in mind, these are some of the best apps for the iPhone that businesses should consider.

The Top Apps

It is easy to list the names of the most popular apps. Instead, it is better to look for apps that help run a business in the modern world. It is possible to find many apps that do similar things, but it is also possible to find the one in any particular area that stands out.

  • Holding Meetings – There was a time when getting people together for a meeting required planning ahead. There needed to be a time and a place to hold the meeting and everyone had to get to this place. It can be a nightmare, but with UberConference, the ability to hold meetings has never been easier. With this app is it possible to schedule conference calls that multiple people can join in on. The calls can be voice only or they can be video calls. There is no time wasted on travel and reminders are sent out to make sure that everyone attends the meetings on time. Because the app is available for the iPhone, meetings can be held anywhere.

  • Document Scanning – There are many times when a business needs to send or receive a copy of a document to another party. This can be done easily in the office with the help of a scanner and email. It can also be done through snail mail, but this is not always practical. Scanner Pro is an app that allows a person to take a picture of a document or documents and turn them into a scanned document that is easily passed through email on the phone or through cloud storage or digital phone systems. It allows people to deal with written documents in a timely fashion and can help the business avoid any delays in accomplishing tasks.

  • Using Mobile as your Business Phone – Today’s world demands that people can conduct business no matter where they are. With the right app, the iPhone can become a virtual office. The Dialpad app allows a business to connect their business phone to their iPhone. All of the devices of the business can be easily connected to each other through this app and they can be accessed from anywhere the phone has a connection to the internet. The app is the best way to improve and speed up the communication and sharing of information for a business.

  • Find a Ride – When on business trips, a lot of time can be wasted trying to find a taxi or waiting on a train or bus. This can also be an expensive way to travel. The Uber app allows people to call for a ride wherever they are located and they will be given information about when that ride will arrive. The result is less time and money wasted waiting on transportation options.

  • Taking Notes – No business owner or entrepreneur can predict when they will have the perfect idea for their business. It may come when they are watching television or when they see someone doing something special on the street. Problems arise when the person tries to remember the idea later on, but cannot recall what they had come up with. Evernote is the solution to that problem for iPhone users. It allows people to take notes on their phone when they are happening. The app allows people to put their ideas into storage in words, a picture or with their voice. When they have the time later they can remember exactly what they need to do.

These are some of the ways that apps can help a business. The smart business owner will realize that many of these apps can work together and can make running the business from anywhere the person is much simpler. This can help make the business more efficient and more successful.

Do you have any favorite iPhone apps for business? Tell us about them and share any other thoughts, ideas or suggestions you have with others.

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