How to Increase Productivity While Keeping Your Employees Happy

In today’s highly competitive economic climate, it is more important than ever that as a business owner you keep employees happy and motivated. It is no secret that when employees are engaged they are more productive and when they are more productive profits are higher. A happy and engaged employee is one that does not miss work, performs at their highest potential, and welcomes change in the work environment.

Keeping an employee happy can prove to be a challenge, as there are many extrinsic factors that play a role in their happiness. As an employer, you will find that there will be no employee out there that will work as hard as you. Conversely, you will never find an employee that cares as much as you do. On the rare occasion, you might find a diamond in the rough type of employee that performs to their maximum ability regardless of outside circumstances. However, you can expect that this will certainly not be the majority. For this reason, it will prove imperative that you are able to keep your employees happy in order to encourage their productivity and engagement in your operation. Thus, keeping your business functioning at an operational and profitable capacity.

There is hardly anything that proves to be more effective at stimulating productivity than keeping employees motivated. Read on for a little insight into some helpful ways to keep your employees smiling and performing to their maximum ability.

Encourage Breaks

This is especially true within small businesses, as employees tend to be more overworked. Regardless of company size, however, it is essential that as a business owner, you encourage your staff to take more breaks. Stepping away periodically throughout the day gives the employee the chance to regroup, clear their mind and refresh their abilities. Being tired and burned out on the task at hand inevitably results in poorer performance and lack of ability to be productive. Even if only a five minute breather, encouraging your staff to take small breaks throughout the day will not only show them that you care, but will also promote efficiency.

Create a Productive Environment

The workplace is about so much more than just a place to get your work done. A workspace that is designed to be functional with the comfort of the team in mind will play a large role in your staff’s productivity. When designing the workspace for your employees, keeping the following things in mind will help to ensure maximum comfort and therefore productivity.

  • Give them enough space to work.
  • Provide them with the tools necessary to get the job done effectively and efficiently.
  • Make sure the environment is comfortable and pleasant. Adding plants to improve the air quality and having a weekly cleaning service come in will help to keep the atmosphere clean and clear.
  • Provide a break room that encourages relaxation and comfort.
  • Provide a snack machine or refrigerator full of healthy snacks. 

Keep the Team Engaged and Involved

Provide your staff with a detailed handbook that lays out all company policies, the company mission, goals, and procedures for handling any and all possible scenarios, this includes family emergencies. Hold weekly meetings where you praise positive performances and touch on how to improve negative ones. Allow the staff to voice their opinion as well as verbalize any comments, concerns or suggestionsthey might have.

You might also consider having different motivational speakers come in to attend meetings. Motivational speakers tend to have a way of getting through to people. They might therefore boost employee morale and further promote improved work performances.

It is important to establish yourself as a “family company” in order to keep employees engaged and happy, as the work-life balance plays a large role in the overall level of happiness. Consider holding monthly events in which all of your staff’s families are encouraged to attend. 

Lead by Example

A “good” employer is one that leads by example. A good leader is also a leader that clearly lays out expectations, goals, responsibilities and deadlines. Setting solid expectations is essential to getting the production that you desire from your staff. Additionally, setting a strong example of appropriate behavior and thoroughly giving firm direction is imperative to a successful performance. The more scenarios and possible issues that you make it a point to outline, the less room for error there will be, which ultimately results in a more productive team. 

When your employees feel happy they are a more forceful and critical part of the team, they are more willing to put in that extra effort and overall are highly more productive. For this reason, as a leader it is essential that you praise when possible and correct where necessary, set appropriate goals and always prioritize the needs of your employees. Showing your staff respect by listening and providing them with a comfortable and efficient workspace will help to give them the motivation they need to remain committed and loyal to your firm’s goals.

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