Thoughts In The Wake of September 11, 2008: Lessons Learned in the Last 7 Years

Well, It is about 12 midnight in CA which means it is now September 11, 2008. It is truly hard to believe it has been 7 years. I remember where I was that fatefull day 7 years ago, getting ready to go to a Statistics Class, at West Valley College, Saratoga, CA. I arrived at school that morning after hearing dreamily that the World Trade Center had been attacked and that the Pentagon had also been attacked and our teacher went ahead with our Midterm Exam, I got a C, but it didn't matter. I woke up earlier that morning going down the hall to my parents room who I happened to be staying with because I was a starving college student and didn't yet have a place to call my own. I witnessed the second plane hit that morning, and then watched the towers collapse, and then heard about Flight 93.

Nicole Miller, and Mark Bingham both have ties to West Valley College, so later that week we had a memorial for them. Then, a year later in 2002, we had a very humbling ceremony that touched my soul on the West Valley Campus. A memorial for these two heroes now adorns the WVC campus in the center of the gardens, a beautiful place to come and walk and give bustling students some time to think.

I will visit there tomorrow, to reflect and rebuild what has taken place in my life since then. It is a wonderful time to reflect. On September 12, 2001, our local radio station played a tribute to them, which sorely touched me. It was that morning that I broke down, and remembered what had occurred. The question to consider then is what would be a lasting legacy to these heroes? To have a "Let's Roll" mentality in whatever life gives us. These individuals possibly saved the White House or US Capitol from being hit. Imagine, if they had done nothing?

Here is a special tribute to that day that changed everything from Flight Security, to giving rise to 7 years of a War on Terror, to changing the way we look at life.

I must say that there is nothing better then an inward call for peace on a day like today. What will be our lasting legacy? Did we do all we could to be the best we could be? The choice is ours, as it was their's to do something.

We must always remember that day....and the changes it brought. What matters in life is giving every new day your very best foot forward, because life is short.

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