The Walk In The Garden: A Tribute To Flight 93

I left work today with some deep thoughts about my life and all that occurred this past year, September 11 is a wonderful time to think. In my last blog post I wrote about West Valley College and the Memorial Garden where I planned to go today dedicated to those who died on September 11, again two of West Valley College's alumni Mark Bingham, and Nicole Miller both had connections there. I went there this evening after some inward soul searching. Work was especially inspiring today, as I spoke with my manager and our new Director about their thoughts and ideas at how to become a better recruiter. It triggered some thoughtfulness on this special day, when so much was going through my mind.

I arrived at the garden after work and sat down and just let my mind wander, for 20 minutes I remembered that day 7 years ago, I remembered the aftermath, how the stock market went down by 800 points, how everything changed in an instant when planes rammed buildings, and buildings and lives came crashing down, and yet out of the ashes came renewed hope. There is the story of the fire fighters rushing in to save lives, the story of the policeman who in the rubble of the World Trade Center managed to survive, the story of Flight 93, and the ensuing motto: "Let's Roll". A lot to think about. Near the memorial were flowers laid there by faculty to encourage others to take them to remember. I picked one up and placed it with the other flowers on the memorial, and so much had changed since then, I now have a daughter, am a provider, and multiple individuals depending on me daily. I took one of the sunflowers home to remember an inward commitment to live every day as if it were the last one given, for life is so short and should not be taken for granted, these heroes did not do so, neither should we....Life is a gift and we need to live it as such.

I never envisioned 7 years ago that I would be at this stage in my life, with doors opening all around me. Today, sitting in a garden, I had no excuse to be upset or short with anyone, not even the bad drivers on the highway.

In that moment new memories came to mind, my attempt to reach out on behalf of my church to the Muslim Community Association, initiating a service project jointly with my Church at the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. I can think of how powerful was the message of respect to those whose lives were changed just as much as everyone else.

In the aftermath many people joined together, and found their new resolve. Well, I can say I found mine again today, I resolve to do all I can to uplift others daily, it is a choice and a way of life. Being at peace with others will open the road to ultimate happiness. That was the realization I came to today.

These members of Flight 93 did something trully heroic, saving our capitol from further attack. "Let's Roll" was their hopeful refrain. Let it be all of ours, in recruiting, in family life, in everything we do. "Let's Roll" should be at the very center of all we do. That is our choice to live each day to its total successful outcome. Nothing is worth more than those who are your freinds, colleagues, and family. That is the true measure of the greatest treasure on earth, our relationships. Indeed, 9/11 many lost colleagues, freinds, and loved ones in a matter of minutes. Life is so precious, because any moment could change our lives drastically, for that reason, "Let's Roll" can be the difference the motto we all live by. Flight 93 passengers taught us a great deal, and we should heed their legacy.

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