A Return To What Matters Most.....

Yes. There is a lot to be thankful for these days. I still have a job and can try to help others get a new job or better job. This is the power that I still have being employed in an industry I love-Recruiting & HR Consulting.

Looking back on the past year I felt myself want to fly forward as this new year came upon me. In March I have to look at the challenges ahead and realize it is all about how much I can sell these days.

The beleif in the insurmountable-do I really need to fear? No.

These days we must take on a new direction to overcome challenges in the worst economic crisis in a long time.

It is humbling but in spite of sheer rough challenges that are like a giant Himalayan/K2 sized mountain, is there really impossibilities to crack this current market? I think not.

I think that there are possibilities to be found and must be earned. Everything is now at a new level-we must rise to this challenge taking on the powerful forces at work and seeing through the forest to the successes waiting to be found.

I have been on the phones, making sales calls day after day, trying to drum up business in this climate. There are placements to be made, customers to be won, people to put back to work again. It can be done.

The rewards are still ripe for the seeking.

A helicopter, which seems to not be able to fly-really think about it-it has a giant rotor on the top, and who would think it could fly? But it does.

Each of us has the same capability in our careers, our job search, or whatever we undertake. I think that life needs a few helicopter folks-the types that in spite of the odds DO fly.

We need hope, tenacity, grit, charm, kindness, patience, a bit of luck, and a hope within that propels us constantly upward.

Here I am these days in these new challenges in 2009. But can sales be won? Absolutely. Can hope be returned in vigorous passion building crescendoes of everlasting success? Absolutely.

No one can defeat you unless you let them-it is mind over matter, commitment over laziness.

These days require a "Return To What Matters Most". Take a look at your family-why do you get up every day? To help them. To lift them up. You have a chance every day to lift others to new plains of success. That is the gift of everyone who is in a staffing role. Your power to change lives is magnificent, your opportunity to share your knowledge of what it takes to get to career success is powerfully important.

So remember as the stress of the day takes hold to find those inner direction building moments where you rise up and push the air around you to new heights of unimagined grandeur. We are like a helicopter after all.

So Return to What Matters Most....What gets you up everyday-Family, Friends, Candidates, Clients, Co-Workers, and those you help rise along the way. Let your legacy be one that layed the foundation for others to get to their powerful course for good.

Life knows no limits once you set your heart in the direction it should go, and your inner vision of what your life can become delivers results that propels you upward, onward and to your destiny unhindered. Only if within you say I will make it happen, and I will succeed. That is what is necessary to Return to What Matters Most.

I took this picture at a Helicopter Air Show last year at the Hiller Aviation Museum. I was amazed at the skill of the pilots. We are like these pilots in so many ways. We need attention to detail so we do not crash. We need a passion for our direction and must find a way to fly higher to build momentum and show others our inward "show".

We have so much to do, and so much to be grateful for. Life is here for us each day and we have one shot at it. How will we live? Will we rise up like a helicopter into the sky where there are no limits? Or will we sit on the tarmac and idle. The choice is yours. Return to What Matters Most.

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