Candidate Advice: 5 Bad Habits That Would Drive Recruiter Nuts

Unfortunately, bad habits are a fact of life. But one mistake during the recruitment process can result in you losing out a great opportunity. Most candidates rush through the process thus making errors which always results in a bad first impression. The key to success and breaking through the bad habits starts with acknowledging that you have developed one in the first place.

Here are 5 of the most common bad habits that you can avoid to stand out and keep your recruiters happy:

  1. Using weird font:

The people reading through your resume may have to read many like yours all at once. Italic/Script/Forte or different font styles are hard on the eyes and this may result in a fatigued reader not having the composure to read your whole resume resulting in rejecting your profile.

  1. Having a resume that is not in sync with your LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn has proved to be great platform for both candidates and recruiters in terms of recruiting. Your LinkedIn profile says a lot about your professional life. Don’t forget to update your LI profile as well before applying for any job. If something doesn’t match up, your candidacy may be rejected. Dates are a good example of where stability is expected.

  1. Saving your resume in different formats:

This might seem weird to many but is very important. Saving your resume in a notepad or JPEG format shows your lack of professionalism. Hence always save your resumes in PDF format or MS word along with your first and last name.

  1. Using generic cover letters:

It is quite easy to figure out someone who is using the same generic cover letter for multiple job applications. If a person cannot put in the enough efforts to tailor a letter to specific job requirements, why would anyone want to spend time talking to them?

  1. Missing out on contact information:

There are times when a recruiter comes across a resume that is a perfect match, and want to immediately pick up the phone to schedule an interview. But if the contact info isn’t there, the recruiter needs to put extra efforts to look for this information thus again resulting in a bad impression.

Few insider tips for becoming a successful candidate

You may be wondering what you should really do, in order to make your application to reach the top of the pile.

  • Understand the position you are applying to

In order to get an offer, you must thoroughly understand position, particularly if you are a bit under qualified. You should to do a lot of research, which can include going through industry magazines and blogs, or informational interviews with professionals who can offer advice and share insights.

During the informational interviews, understand the biggest challenges of that position. What does it take to be efficacious? Ask for advice and questions that can be expected during the interview. Your goal is to gather the details that will impress the hiring manager and convince him or her that you have what it takes to make a grade, even if your resume does not directly back that up.

  • Highlight why you are a good fit within the cover letter

To successfully attain this, start by going through the company’s website. Learn about their history and goals. Then, in your cover letter, clearly specify about how your goals and background align with the company’s direction.

Remember, at every step, recruiters would want you to succeed! If you are not successful in an interview, try to figure what went wrong or what you could have done differently. Then, use this insight to guide your future steps.

  • Ask really good questions.

If wish to set yourself apart from other candidates, you must do some extra preparation to ensure that you’re asking great questions during the interview.

You must be wondering how to ask great questions. Forget about the interview and imagine yourself in a conversation with your manager about the challenges faced and the tactics to overcome them. This is where your understanding of the position will help, particularly the informational interviews. Just this one step has the potential to set you apart. Make sure your questions are open-ended and genuinely intriguing.

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