Employer Branding without a Motion Picture

small__4259789467Company's dedicated largely to HR, should be excited for the new Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movie, The Internship, that came out this past weekend. These two 40-something, tech illiterate Joe's are vying for a much coveted internship with Google. If their employer brand wasn't awesome enough, this movie made Google the employer of the century.

Viewers get an inside look at the perks of being a Google employee. We see slides, nap pods, fantastic on-boarding solutions and much more. But not every company has the resources to offer perks like these...scratch that, basically no company has the resources to offer perks like that. So how can you create a stellar employer brand without nap pods and a box office hit movie?

So Time Warner isn't picking up your employer branding video, that's fine, there's still hope. Creating an effective employer branding video does not have to be costly or time consuming. Whether you have a film crew scheduled or you're putting your iMovie skills to use, here are a few things to consider.


Start at the Beginning

Having a defined strategy for your employer brand is the very first step in this process. What do you want to convey? How would you like to be perceived? This strategy should fall somewhere between what you actually are, and what you would like to become.

Consider what your company values are and what you would like others to know about the organization. Remember that this can be revisited to reflect changes in the organization's culture and direction. According to a Bernard Hodes Group infographic, 19% of companies that have established an employer brand strategy are revisiting it mostly to reflect cultural changes and/or to broaden platforms and technology.


Use Real People with Real Messages

The best branding videos are the ones in which we get to see actual employees using their real voice. There's no better way to display your company culture than to get employees involves. Sam Adams, Intel, Adidas, are all known for their great employer branding videos and commercials, and they all use real employees and their own messages. Short interviews, clips of quotes, shots of employees at work are all great, easy ways to put your culture on display and show your audience what your organization is about.


Keep Your Audiences in Mind

Plural and italicized for a reason, you will have more than one target audience in this video. Age groups, races, cultures and lifestyles should all be taken into consideration. By segmenting your message, you can hit all of the targets that you need to. Short clips with diverse messages do more and hold the viewer's attention better.


Please Make it Interesting

A boring employer branding video is a sure-fire way to make people think your organization is boring. Keep it light, short and to the point. Company events, happy and engaged employees are what people want to see. A good-looking employee typing at a desk with a thoughtful quote gliding across the bottom of the screen is lame. A well-done, lame video is still lame.


There are so many fun and unique video branding ideas out there. Check out some of the greats and see what they're doing. And don't forget to share what you've made on as many outlets as possible. Again, you don't have a box office hit to display your employee brand but you do have your company website, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, email and tons of other fun and innovative ways to display your employer brand. 


Online video is 5.3 times more effective than text alone. And when you consider that YouTube is the second most used search engine, after (you guessed it) Google, it proves the power of video. People respond to video, they love it. Employer branding videos are such an easy way to get your message out there.

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