Before you begin this story, pull out your hankie. You are either going to weep, or burst out laughing. 

After all the drama, John agreed to take the job.

I THOUGHT all was well. The other shoe just hit the floor.

To bring you up to date:

At this point in the story, we have a contrite Frank, who will now  measure his words carefully, an Exec VP who is looking askance at Suzie, Suzie, who is as mad as a wet hen. and a candidate who has been convinced to take the job (again), and is scheduled to start work the following Monday.

Everyone had a nice weekend, I told Frank to just work with the client as usual. Do not discuss the issues,  move on. All was well.  Frank moved on. Frank called the VP, and submitted a candidate for the second job we are to fill, another director position. The candidate is scheduled to interview on Friday.

Then, the bomb.

Suzie made the strange move of calling the references. The references that she supposedly called two weeks prior were called by her. Then, the additional references were called,didn't she call them last week, like she said she did?  When all these people started calling John to report that they had just been contacted by Suzie, he was furious. He had been accused by Suzie of being fired, and now he finds out that his references were never called. Then, Suzie, who just couldn't help herself, called John to tell him that one reference couldn't be contacted, and that he needed to get that reference to call her back.

John called us to decline the position. While Suzie has been playing games, and covering tracks, John got another offer. From a company that didn't accuse him of 'covering up his termination'. From a company that didn't call their friends to find out the 'real story'. John told us that he had never been so insulted in his life going through this interview process.


So, they rattled my cage, I have to get involved again. I e-mailed the VP, relating the latest snag, would he please call me?  No answer.

Frank also alerted the VP that John was pulling out, to call ASAP.  No answer.

Something was wrong. All the drama, everything fixed, now silence.

The day unfolded. As is my usual routine, I worked late, unaware of the time. My private line rang.

It was the VPs assistant. She wanted to make sure that I had signed the recruiting contract. (it's a unilateral contract, my signature not necessary, however; I do it to make them happy). I promised to send it over in the morning. I didn't ask if the VP was hiding from me, I knew something was up, and felt that it was time to listen, observe, and not speak.

No sooner did I put the phone down, I get a call. Frank was demanding that I do something to stop Suzie.

Frank related that John was boiling. John had just hung up from a conference call with VP and Suzie. VP and Suzie called to chat about John's start date. John informed them that he had pulled out the day before. They both acted as if this was news to them. That made John wonder if he was speaking a different language. Then, the conversation was turned to blame John. John was too hasty, Suzie needed her time for due-diligence. John wasn't patient enough. Then, the clincher: John asked why the references weren't called. Suzie then lied. She told him it was completed last week. Two of his references called him the day before, so he knew it wasn't true. John decided to be silent about his knowledge of the truth.

So, my next call was simple:  John deserved an apology, and he was going to get it from me.

John is a nice person. He is not easily insulted. He's actually rather humble. We talked. He related his entire experience with the hiring process.

The bottom line:  John respects the ExecVP that he will be working with and reporting to. He wants to work with him. But, at this point his fear is that he is entering into a hostile HR environment. Suzie doesn't seem to like him much. Suzie has demeaned him through the process. What will happen if he takes the job?

John observed Suzie's interactions with others at the company. She seems to be well liked. People say 'hi' to her in the halls. Suzie might have the power to make his life miserable.

"Do you want the job?", I asked.

"Suzie has already lied about me, I don't see how I can take it", he so wisely answered.

Yes, he wants the job.


Now the VP wants to talk. I am waiting for his call. We'll see what happens.

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Comment by Derdiver on August 1, 2013 at 1:47pm

Holy Mother!!!!  Yet another reason to hate useless HR people...

Comment by Kelly Blokdijk on August 1, 2013 at 5:08pm

If Suzie isn't going to be fired for being an incompetent twit, I hope they at least consider how it makes the company look enabling a HR person that lies to remain in place. So disturbing! 

Comment by Barbara Goldman on August 1, 2013 at 5:23pm

oh yes, this is ugly. It started to punish Frank, and has taken on a life of it's own. Still in conversations with the VP will keep you posted.


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