Fixing the Economy One Hire at a Time - The Reason I Love my Recruiting Job - & The 8 Hire Inspiring Day.

I suppose it started almost 10 years ago - when the economy was coming out of another flat line scenario - indeed when the Rome of the Innovation World - Silicon Valley even had economic troubles and when I needed to know that I personally could make a difference.  I had through High School and now through the beginning years of college wondered what it took to succeed in life, and how to get myself hired. 

So there I was working in my first HR job at ADT and wondering how I could apply my first real experience and knowledge into real life.  A text book I was discovering only got one so far.  Up until that year in 2003 I had worked retail jobs - and knew that I couldn't do a role all my life where I could earn at maximum $10-$11/hr.  So like any starving college student - I took a risk, joined an ADP Dealership and found some initial success in real world hiring.

No one could prepare me for the journey of recruiting 100% commission sales folks for door to door selling.  Little did I know there was more to it that met the eye.  But forge ahead I did and made some hires on 1099 contract basis to enlist the help of folks whom wanted a chance to earn some extra money.  As my career progressed into HR - into a wide variety of environments and stakes I came to realize how much I loved staffing and the thrill of finding the elusive perfect candidate, purple squirrel, or key skill sets. 

I found myself in a couple of internships - ADT & Applied Materials, and then ventured into a Staffing Role at Venturi Staffing Partners.  It was here that everything came forward and ahead that a staffing career can truly be one that helps you, and in turn opens doors for others.  I suppose now having lost count of the number of folks I have placed, and the rewarding circumstances that come with that, as well as inspiring moments along the way that have truly opened vast doors and helped me to be the means to helping others achieve, and at the same time please multiple client hiring groups - I have come to really rely upon my staffing skill set as a true definer of my character.

I look back on an amazing career journey with many more years to come and many more doors, and hires to achieve.  There is so much one can celebrate in a 10 year HR/Staffing/Hiring journey.  Truly nothing is more powerful than closing a candidate, making an offer, and achieving staffing's ultimate success.  There are moments where one can get weary but a staffing fill makes it all worth it.  Whether you do it for a fee or for a direct salary, the most amazing moment is the achievement of staffing's highest pinnacle - the fill.

On a subsequent review of the past 4 years since I ventured back into staffing after a 3 year hiatus from it (when I had been doing pure HR Generalist work), I came to realize staffing was in my blood and where I belonged.  Perhaps it was helping a friend achieve an offer after helping him revamp a resume, or the moments when others benefited from sincere career advice.  Whichever moment one reviews staffing trully is the place to be.  I estimate that I have helped in the past 4 years hire well over 250 folks.  It truly is an amazing thought. At Solutions Partners I ventured back into staffing and found a true love for it as I took on consulting projects filling well over 30+ roles.  In consulting engagements for start-ups, I learned a great deal about how critical some positions can be helping hire about 15-20 folks in a 3 month time span.  Then I wound up at NetPolarity where I was instrumental in well over 145 hires in a 2 and half year time frame.  Now - at ADP where I work helping to staff our services, technology, Finance, Marketing, and other key roles I have found a presence covering the Western States for ADP - in my 10 months I sat back amazed as I pondered the fact that over 75+ hires had been achieved.  Add it together with the 60+ hires from my time at Venturi/Staffmark, and the time at my two internships where I had assisted in well over another 45-50 hires I ponder how very rewarding it has all been.  Even at my time at a non-profit where I helped staff another 20+ roles in about a 6 month time-frame - I can't help but sit back and be grateful for what I have.  In my time in staffing I have perhaps been instrumental in some 400+ hires internal & external roles.  A truly amazing thought.  One hire at a time - chipping away at the economy.

Which leads me to what inspired me to write tonight - about a week ago I received the news of an 8 hire day.  Previously I have been blessed to have a 4 hire day but receiving word of 8 offers and presenting them and closing them in due order was as rewarding as it comes.  These days we have the opportunity as staffing professionals to help others, and as this economy improves - is it no wonder that we will be helping to rev the economy back to where it belongs?

There are still shaky moments for sure along such a storied career path - but there is nothing more rewarding or satisfying then opening doors for others and especially opening the doors for passive and active candidates to get a better opportunity.  There is nothing more wonderful then being able to target a competitor's folks and offer them a better opportunity and in turn strengthen your organization.

And there is nothing more powerful than opening staffing doors for many and networking onward to better heights.

I have to say the best thing about staffing is the power we have to bring in fresh ideas, fresh perspective, new blood, and new ways of doing things.  It is this that pushes me as a staffing professional to strive and achieve my greatest outcomes.  I don't know any other way then to say - if you are a recruiter you are trully in a blessed position to be able to help others, strengthen your organization and make a tremendous difference.  In doing so - powerful outcomes come to the forefront.

One of the most amazing things about being a recruiter is hearing from current and past hires, especially in your current organization where the new employees sing your praises and always remember the special bond they have with "their recruiter".  If there is any one thing I can say is that if one pays it forward on the staffing path - there is no job that a staffing professional cannot fill, for candidates will reward the recruiter who treated them with respect, and opened the economic door for betterment.  Now that the economy is more stable the question remains - what will we do as recruiters to make a difference in our communities, homes, workplace, and sphere of influence that can add value to our talent acquisition efforts?  The answer is be honest, straight forward and allow candidates to show you what they bring to the table.  I am sure that one hire at a time, one placement at a time this negative economy of the past few years can be turned around by the movers and shakers of the career world - the staffing/recruiting professionals who find the talent that is the engine of our economy.

If we have hope in this and open the doors with a positive approach - forever will a candidate be grateful that you helped them find a career difference.  And nothing is more rewarding than that staffing knowledge.

Disclaimer - This blog is my own creation and does not represent the views and opinions of ADP, it's subsidiaries, or customers - it is my own content and I solely am responsible for it's publication.  The views expressed here-in are my own.

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