Urban Dictionary: A Froleague is a co-worker and part of your Facebook network. A Frupervisor is your Supervisor at work and on your Facebook.

Here is a story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent….and guilty.

It was Monday morning when Bob got the call. “He lost his teeth and his arm was broken” said his girlfriend. Her boyfriend, Larry, was in a horrific auto accident.

Bob tried to send flowers to Larry at the hospital but they didn’t have a record of him staying there. A couple of days later Larry filed for short term disability. Bob knew something was up. Larry was on a performance plan before the “accident”.

It didn’t help that Larry’s girlfriend had changed the story too many times either. First it was his teeth and arm, and then it was his knee and front tooth. Yeah, whatever.

Larry wasn’t too bright. About a week later, he posted his ski trip photos. No cast on his arm, his teeth looked straight, and his knee wasn’t in a brace either. In fact, he had some total rad pics shredding the half pipe.

Larry got fired. He forgot Bob was on his Facebook network. Bob is his Frupervisor.

Be careful before you post those party photos – especially the ones in college that show you passed out. Frolleagues and your Frupervisor will talk at the water cooler.

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