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Recruiting is not a HOW business but a WHO business

Best practices. You know you’ve read that teaser a gazillion times.  One place you see this phrase are on popular recruiting websites and conferences.   The REALITY is this. Recruiting is ACTUALLY more about WHO than HOW.

Unfortunately, recruiters are lured away from the WHO and into HOW to business lately.

Let me illustrate this even more. Here are the recent…


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When Start-ups Get AcquiHIRED

You might find yourself living in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife and you may ask yourself…Did I just get Acquihired? Yeah. Welcome to where the players play! Zoom in Google Earth style right smack dab in Silcone Valley. Swish over here. Swish you’re over there. Boom. There is a dude walking with a latte. Across the street some android developers discuss if Oracle…


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How many candidates does it take to get a hire? One, two, a thrrree?

I don't give a hoot, yeah I said hoot, about how many candidates it takes to get a hire. You know why? Because after being in this industry for 15+ nearly years you learn something about what it really takes. I'm going to break this down for you dear readers. We've all been doing it wrong lately. And, here is something more. You can blame whoever came up with the stoopid…


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Algorithms vs. Recruiter – Can an Algorithm Replace a Recruiter?

I posted this on my blog a month ago at glennlist.com because the average time to fill has taken longer. What does the numbers mean for average time to fill? It means costs, candidate attrition, and performance…


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Facebook has a Group for Recruiters. It's called...Recruiters

Remember Recruiting in the 90's. Life was easy. Life was simple. You had a fax machine, job boards, and your new computer running AOL and Windows 95 with your SPAM free email box. Then came dot com bust, and then social media and just basically upended your simple recruiting ways. It's time to join Recruiters on Facebook. We need some people to talk about what they know (or don't) about the latest Recruiting trends, jobs, and whatever that you think is important to: Recruiters, Sourcers,…


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How to Quickly Source Candidates

FROM: Glennlist.com 

One day your Boss strolls into your cube and says, “we (meaning you) need to hire 10 Java Developers in a month.” Suddenly you panic, hyperventilate, grow dizzy, faint, then wake up and shout in a Scottish-like Scotty Star Trek sort of way…”I can’t do it! We need more Recruiting Power!”  Then you're getting a very brief job description that mentions candidates will need to work weekends, do TPS reports, and bug…


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The Best Smart Phone App for Recruiters and How to Use It

Let’s face it! Recruiters no longer network like they used. It’s all online these days. And it’s really pissing me off because I keep getting “ignored”. Folks, how can I stalk you if you want make any updates! Puh-lease, throw me a frickin bone here people. I want to network with you so I can offer you a better job. Is that too much to ask? And is it…


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Recruiter Thesaurus

Congratulations new Recruiters! The market has picked up and so has the demand for fresh meat new recruiters. You have a lot to learn! Being a new recruiter is exciting and at times can be scary frightening. So here is a little list to get you oriented as you begin your new recruiting career


Talent Management System = Applicant tracking systems (AKA “black hole”)


Boolean Search Strings = Sacred secrets among nerdy…


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3 Fundamentals of Recruiting

Recruiters, let me tell you something. We’ve lost the basics of recruiting. It’s been replaced with idealistic disillusioned recruitment methods. The problem with most Recruiters is that we get some social media knowledge. A little info or a nugget and we become experts overnight. The fact is, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. None of us do. That’s why were frickin’ recruiters to begin with.

Recruiting is not rocket science. In fact, it’s very simple. It’s finding… Continue

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Unemployment Rate is Like the McRib Sandwich

Our current unemployment rate is like the McRib sandwich. With a lot of

hype and marketing, the McRib was McDonald’s finest obesity marketing

scheme to date. It was a boneless pork patty shaped like it had bones.

Then it was slathered in BBQ Sauce, and eaten between a spongy sandwich

bun. Whenever the sandwich made a comeback tour, every teen, nerd, geek

and weed smoker communally grubbed on the McRib.

The unemployment rate made a comeback tour and hasn’t… Continue

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Jobs Bill Are For Zombies – Chances are you’re a Zombie

The Jobs Bill won’t create many jobs. And you know what? It sucks. We’ve lost millions of jobs and this bill is not enough. Let me say it

again. Jobs-Bill-sucks-huge-big-time.

We have a solution that is so easy and so plain as day that it’s right front of your face. But we’ve become a bunch of corporate zombies

dragging our half-alive-half-dead-ass-carcasses to work we don’t even

see it. In our lives we have become quietly discontent. Focused…


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An Open Letter To All Passive Candidates - Quit Your Job.

Congratulations, you’ve managed to keep your job last year. While everyone else was laid off or fired, you worked harder to survive. You sacrificed health, social and family time. And, now you don’t have a life. In fact, you were so overly productive last year the company doesn’t see the need to hire someone now.

You’re stressed. We know. We see the bags under your eyes. So, put down that cup of calming herbal tea. My friend, you need to quit.

Yeah, we know you got bills,… Continue

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The Ugly Truth Why Recruiters Are Horrible At Finding Work.

You know what? Recruiters suck at finding themselves work. We give out great job hunting advice to complete strangers but the ugly truth is that we struggle finding a job too.

Every time I tell somebody I’m a Recruiter, they want help finding a job. And there I am with arms crossed listening attentively while they prattle about job prospecting hardships.

Yet, the sick sad reality if I lost my job, I’d do the same thing every unemployed Tom, Dick and…


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Rebuilding the Candidate Pipeline

Guess what? You’re to blame for the weak hires over the last year. It’s so your fault! You have been here all year and with a zero candidate pipeline. Z-E-R-O!

Where is the recruiting strategy you promised? Why didn’t we hire any “Rock Star” candidates that were laid off? What happened to the process, the database, and the improved time to fill? Bro, where is the Beef?

Okay, stop. Rewind to January 2009.

Half the recruiting team was let go and the work load… Continue

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Start your morning right with some Recruiting Power Protein

Forget that pathetic packet of coffee over in the break room and try some of my Recruiting Powder Protein. Just pour some of this into your water bottle every morning. Don’t be alarmed if some powder floats up enveloping you in a cloud of recruiting goodness. Take it in. Breath it out. Ahhhh.

As you take a swig, seven minerals blast through your bloodstream. Bam! You just got 15% of your recommended daily intake of Fistful of… Continue

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Germs, Viruses, Geeks, and a Recruiting Freak

Sometimes my wife calls me a freak. I respond to her in body building pose and shout “Freak of Nature! Yeah baby, yeah!” That usually ends it right there.

Come to think of it, I am freak. Yeah, I’m a freak around the office. I open the bathroom door with a paper towel, drink a lot of crap that has vitamin C, and I use a gallon of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer every day.

I’m freak. A Germaphobe. When someone sneezes, I want to be wearing a fraking face… Continue

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Welcome Back Eager Beavers

If you had a job this year you weren’t so lucky after all. If you did NOT have a job you probably played tennis, golf and did a lot of blogging, tweeting and other fun social stuff.

So here is the deal. For those of us that had to work like 80 hours a week, were little pissed. Sure we read your corny blogs and follow your tweets about looking for a job.

But now you’re back in the office, just like an eager Beaver, and wanting to take it all on.… Continue

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Boolean Search Strings for Wild Goat Hunters Listening to Neil Diamond

Dear Glennlist

I have a search for a company that needs a Software Developer that programs in Java, has been nude sun bathing in South Beach but doesn’t eat fish but will eat shrimp tacos. Also, rides a Harley Davidson, listens to Neil Diamond and hunts wild Goats. Oh, and they need to live in Alaska close to Sara Palin’s home.

Thanks, Millhouse.


Wow! I just placed someone like that recently. Here is the search string that I used. Hopefully this… Continue

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Bad Beards and Facial Hair Hiring Trends

In the 70’s it was quite common to see men with thick bushy chest hair and a sporty moustache. Today, we are clean, shaven, groomed, waxed, and polished to a shiny gleam.

Hiring managers in Corporate America discriminate against men with moustaches and beards. Now I know a lot of you have some facial hair and you’re gonna get pissed after reading this. And Rightfully so. You worked hard to get that Justin Timberlake thin razor cut (aka The Rap Industry… Continue

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Dirty Rotten Recruiting Scoundrels

I might piss off a lot of Recruiters here, but who cares.

Recruiters can’t be trusted. Right up there with Car Salesmen and boiler room Stock Brokers, we are some of the slickest back hand dealing corporate raiders in all the land.

We are the group of scoundrels at every convention trying to collect candidates.

We are the ones standing at the elevator handing out business cards.

We are the ones writing blogs on how to circumvent gate… Continue

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