How to Incite the Millennials to Be Good Employees

Millennials are notoriously known to be job hoppers. As the number of Millennials in the workforce grows, can we find a way to motivate these employees to stay with us?

 As of today, the number of Millennials making up the workforce is about 75 million – that is, those workers between the ages of 18-35. By end of this year, according to the Department of labor, this number is expected to increase to account for 36 percent of our nation’s workforce; and by 2020 Millennials are expected to account for over half of the nation’s workforce. With workers in this age group being notoriously known for job hopping and other flighty tendencies, what does this mean for business owners? Does this mean that you are destined to be stuck with a team of individuals that could leave you high and dry, scratching your head at any given moment (and likely will)? That is up to you.

 There is much that can be done to motivate millennial workers to be committed to the job that they are doing. It is just a matter of finding such enticing motivations and implementing them into your everyday place of business. Here are 6 ways that you as a business owner, can motivate Millennials to be good employees.

 Define the Purpose

Millennials want their work to matter, even if only in a small way. By defining your company’s purpose to the millennials of your staff, you are informing them of what purpose it is that their job serves. They want to know that they are making a difference and by sharing your company vision you will be enlightening them. Explaining the whole vision of your company will add a sense of connection between the person and what their function in the matter is.

 Adhere to New Technologies

Millennials grew up in a technologically advanced era. They like to work with new and improved gadgets, they prefer to utilize the latest technologies on the market and they like to always feel connected. It is millennial’s nature to carry out their daily demands, both professionally and personally, with technologically advanced gadgets. Installing cloud-based phone systems within your business is a great way to allow your millennials to feel comfortable and connected. These phone systems are great because they come complete with many useful features including:

  • Conference call capability;
  • Project management systems (allowing team members to remain connected);
  • Portable business lines; and
  • The ability to access and utilize business files from anywhere.

Optimizing the use of new technologies to keep your staff comfortable, intrigued and interconnected is key to keeping their attention.

 Leverage Connectivity

Speaking of connectivity, do not take the opportunity to stay connected to the outside world away from them. Allowing them to maintain their social media accounts and keep in touch with friends, family and in some cases strangers, is a great way to spread the word of your brand. Millennials will appreciate the opportunity to be able to remain connected and will therefore speak highly of your brand. This is something that you want. Take advantage of the ability to use your staff’s social media addictions to your benefit – free marketing!

 Allow Room for Growth

Millennials not only want to know that their job matters, but they want to be given opportunities to become part of a job that matters more. Providing your millennial employees with such an opportunity is key to motivating them. When they know that a consistent, above par performance will lead to the opportunity to become part of something bigger, they will inevitably strive to impress. Give your Millennials this chance as they are ready to tackle challenges. Instead of the old “Atta girl,” when they perform well – instead let them move up a notch. Teach them new things, put them with different teams and make them a part of better projects. They will appreciate it and it will show.

 Encourage Independence

Millennials like to know that they are trusted. Shy away from the old fashioned micro-management technique of running your operation with this crew. Give them room to breathe and encourage flexibility. A Millennial that knows that they are trusted will be one of the best employees that you have ever had. Millennials like to please and they love independence – nurture both of these characteristics on your staff. Show appreciation for the unique way in which your Millennials work. After all, Millennials can be incredibly resourceful employees.  Provide them with the proper guidance and clearly state your expectations of them, otherwise, sit back and watch what they can do. You might find yourself rather impressed.

 Utilize Innovation

Born in an era where technology and the internet have thrived, Millennials spend all of their day “plugged in”. Not only that, but they enjoy it. Take advantage of their inherent urge and enjoyment found in googling, Facebooking, Tweeting, staying connected via LinkedIn, etc. In today’s society, the world is merely a click away. Utilize your Millennials knowledge, ingenuity, passion and innovation to help keep your name relevant and current among their age group. You have nothing to lose, you can only benefit from utilizing their natural born longing to connect, share and create.

 Millennials are team oriented, results driven and reliable – so long as they are engaged. Keeping them engaged is key, as they are known to be rather flighty should they feel unimportant or stagnant in their career. Tap into this youthful idealism and watch them breathe a new life into your business. When properly motivated, they can shed a new light on business perspectives and bring a new energy to projects.

 Do you have experience motivating Millennials and feel like sharing? Please do. We would love to hear from you!


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