Interstates and Inboxes - What Infrastructure is Blocking Your Next Placement?

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There is a trend sprouting up in cities across the US to tear down monster interstatesas a way to increase vibrancy in downtown areas.

In the case of St. Louis, I-70 cuts through downtown, becoming an obstacle for pedestrians wanting to access the riverfront and the Gateway Arch.  Forcing visitors to cross four lanes of traffic to get to the iconic landmark is not exactly adding to downtown St. Louis’ image.  While some have suggested covering the highway, or building a pedestrian bridge, the real radicals suggest we get rid of the highway altogether.  Gasp.

But sometimes, radical action makes sense.  Some structures need more than a band-aid - they need to be eradicated.

What structures at your recruiting firm seem like a given, but in reality are a hindrance?


Internal Email - The Eternal Time-Suck

When it comes to candidate and client communication, you pretty much live and die by your Outlook inbox.  But what about internal email communication?  Are you always searching your inbox for that elusive email from another recruiter or account manager at your firm?  Is there a more productive way to pass along information internally?

A few companies have gone rogue, banishing internal email.  While internal email seems like a given in most businesses, a few rebels have decided to do something about overflowing inboxes that strangle efficiency.  IT services firm, Atos has given up email in favor of social business tools. And digital marketing firm, Klick, has traded email in for a collaborative work ticket system.


The Home Office Prison

When you became an independent recruiter, perhaps it was a given that you would work from the lap of luxury that is your home office.  No one would be hovering over your shoulder, capping your earning potential.

But what once seemed like freedom from going to the office everyday, is feeling a little bit like a prison of isolation.  You’re a recruiter after all - you thrive on the connections you make.  Maybe it’s time to look into a co-working space.


The Shackles of Christmas Present

With Christmas/The Holidays right around the corner, you’re probably scrambling to get client gifts together, along with recognizing all of the other people in your life - friends, family, service people, charities.  What if you scrapped the one-size-fits-all client Christmas gifts, and focused on showing your appreciation in more meaningful ways at other times of the year?


What other traditional avenues of progress are impeding placements for your recruiting firm?

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