Interview Advices for Recruiters: Best Day to Schedule Interview

In the course of interview arrangement, as recruiters, you need to be thorough with every action you take. Specifically, you have to factor in meeting time as among the most important matters in this step. Scheduling at the best time can significantly affect the outcomes of your interviews.

In this blog, Rakuna will share with you the best and the worst time to schedule your interview so that you can gain the best outcomes and enhance the candidate experience.

Why do Recruiters Need to Know When the Best Time to Schedule an Interview is?

Identifying when you are either in the zone or the most alert, you can lead the meeting on a smoother path and promote effective communications on relevant topics. Such an act also enables you to have a more comprehensive perception of the candidates’ suitability with the applied position. In all likelihood, you will also build positive relationships with potential candidates and increase the chances that they may refer other people to your company or return to other open positions in case they get rejected.

On the other hand, you can avoid accidentally discouraging applicants from putting forth their best efforts. Also, you are allowed to get rid of mental fatigue and energy burn-out from your professional duties when you are most engaged at the appointment. Another noteworthy point is to dispose of bias risks because of external factors (inconvenience, hunger, etc.) and to be as objective as possible.

When Should Professional Recruiters Schedule Interviews?


A survey by Robert Half highlighted that between 9 and 11 am was the most suitable time frame for conducting interviews with prospective candidates. Reasonably, you can spare yourself enough time to organize your responsibilities and muster up the energy to get into your day beforehand. You can better assess the quality of your applicants’ performances during the meeting.


According to a survey with the participation of over 300 Canadian HR managers, 33% of respondents chose Tuesday as the most fruitful day, followed by Wednesday at 23%. These days, both your workweek and workload have already progressed to a steady extent and your levels of stamina and productivity are at their peak.

Between 2 and 4 pm:

You have already settled into the day and will be more ready to focus on the meeting with your candidates. You cannot devote your full attention to the appointment as you are nearing the end of your workday.

Agree on the Most Convenient Times with Each Other:

If you and the candidate are unable to select the most optimal time, consider asking each other the most convenient time slots and compromising with the one that works for both. Evidently, you can show your consideration for the other party’s personal schedule.

When is the Worst Time to Schedule an Interview?

Early in the Morning:

At the beginning of a day, by no means would you want to be pressed for time and rush to the interview. Give yourself and your candidates some time to arrive at work and take care of personal stuff before getting started.

After 5 pm:

At 5 pm, most of us are close to ending our workday. Interviews around that time means the hiring team and candidates will have to stay late for work, which never sounds appealing. We often get tired after an entire workday as well.

Before and After Weekends and Holidays:

Weekends and holidays are when we spend a long time away from work. Then, we typically spend the following days, especially on Monday mornings, both reviewing what has been left incomplete the previous week and planning work for the week ahead. Similar to Monday morning, you will feel less engaged in your conversation with the candidates as you are preoccupied with either preparing for your weekend plans or finalizing whatever you can for the week instead. Such a state will disrupt the progress and interfere with your recollection of your interview.

Pre- or Post-lunch Periods:

The thought of meals constantly on your mind around such times will likely be a distraction. Candidates will not appreciate it when you fail to give them your undivided attention when all you can think about is your stomach be empty or full.

Final Thoughts

This list has covered both favorable and options of time periods and days for the hiring team to choose. Rakuna hopes that it will come in handy for you to successfully conduct interviews and discover the most suitable candidates for your company.

Last but not least, scheduling interviews can be a tricky task for any recruiters with back-and-forth communications. Therefore, adopting automated interview scheduling software is a great way to streamline this process.

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