Both are very loud - literally and figuratively. They can be driven by inspiration, ego or yearn for recognition. The mechanics of both may be complicated and only those dedicated to the early struggle, can appreciate the current boldness and the excitement of what the future may bring to the table.

I’ve never owned a Harley, but none of us can say the same for technology. I am a baby boomer and grew up on the cusp of the technology era when Programmers and Developers suffered the “nerd” title. And now has that directional signal changed. Nerds are deservedly cool.

Today, IT and the careers it has launched have won the day. The very complex nature of this industry is baffling to most but nevertheless commands the respect it so richly deserves.  

We see the rapidity with which the industry has grown has brought welcome advancements and the demand for more. Software Engineers, Java, Oracle, Web Developers, IT Analysts and more are in high demand across the globe. We are sourcing at a fever pitch to find IT talent with expertise that has barely made it out of the think tank. It’s a runaway train and companies across the U.S. are feeling the weight not only of today’s requirements but of tomorrows needs as well.

IT’s elite status is unmatched and it will only grow in demand with each passing day. I don’t think anyone has the answer because any solution that may be relevant today quickly becomes irrelevant tomorrow. There is one answer that is as pertinent now as it was since time began and that is education and training. We need to grow the amount of new-comers to the field and continue to increase the skill level of those currently in the industry.

Long live IT and motorcycles – the fast and furious.

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Comment by Tim Spagnola on March 26, 2013 at 9:35pm
Interesting analogy Bonnie. Never owned a bike either, but point made. How do you impact (through your efforts) the education/training of this sought after pool?
Comment by Bonnie Brooks on March 27, 2013 at 7:08am

Hi Tim. I have the no-brainer part of the equation - I just write about it and smarter people come up with the brilliant answers!!!


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