Willy dips Skoal, hunts, drives a tractor and is missing a finger. But he has a great personality and extreme likeability factor too.

When he is not outdoors killing defenseless animals he is updating his Facebook account. We are like his livestock and he is constantly feeding us daily tidbits and photos.

The single most incredible fact about Willy is that women love him. On his wall posts women leave flirty posts and even going so far to ask him out. That’s unheard of in the South!

He is an ok looking guy, but why do women dig Willy?

Are they drawn to the camouflage? Is it the Pickup Truck? The boots? It drove me crazy. Why him?

Then it dawned on me.

He is a real dude. He is honest and likeable regular guy.

His Facebook account is real too. His photo albums show him hunting, working, and drinking cheap beer. Willy doesn’t use his best photos. In fact, most of them look like crap or out of focus.

Every post on his Facebook profile is Willy being Willy.

Then we have others that aren’t so real. You know the ones on Facebook. They upload their best pictures, or post snarky one-liners on other people’s wall. Always doing something “really cool” and showing themselves off in pictures.

The same goes for blogs too. Blogs started out being real and genuine, but now they have become self marketing tools. (I’m guilty of this). They just aren’t that real at times.

But here are some real Recruiters with Real Blogs. I read their stuff all the time because it’s entertaining and informative. You should too.

Cheezhead by Joel Cheesman
Research Goddess – Amybeth Hale
Jessica Lee Writes – Jessica Lee

If we were all like Willy on Facebook or Twitter, we would have a lot more followers. Keeping it real. I can’t say the same for myself. I like to use the same photos for all my Blogs that was taken back in 2005. Just keepin it real folks.

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