Keeping Your Eye on The Goal In The Midst of The Great Recession

The topic of the economy continues to be at the forefront of every discussion.  Today, I returned from South San Francisco after conducting a workshop entitled Link-up to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Basics - advertised here:


As I met with great HR Leaders and thinkers in a very nice conference room at bio-pharma company Rigel Pharmaceuticals the topic turned to cost effective recruiting strategies and the growth for why LinkedIn has become what it has become.  In so many words the economy has awakened the knowledge that to shine and be proactive in every networking endeavor is to lead yourself onward to success.  I think we all have our stories of economic unrest, each professional in this forum and across the broad spectrum of HR thought and practice has had a loved one face challenges reminiscent of the Great Depression.  This Great Recession now opens our eyes to new fields of endeavor, as I met with a broad spectrum of HR Professionals, some in mid-career, some starting out, and one at the pinnacle a HR Director, I couldn't help but be in awe that here I was with people who get it, who understand that the long term strategy of talent pipelining is not a pipedream but a critical element to every sound company.


As I read various blog posts, I am reminded that we must keep our eye on the goal at hand.  I am reminded in so many words of the wisdom of Dale Carnegie, there are those who don't know the story but yet I keep it in the back of my mind, with sure knowledge that the echoes from the past still linger, and the wisdom of those days are not lost....Dale Carnegie spoke of living in "Day Tight Compartments", every goal, every worthwhile endeavor must be taken with that knowledge in mind.  So here is the inspiring story from that sound book - "How To Stop Worrying and Start Living" I will tell it my own words as it resonates soundly across the decades:


A Sir William Osler told a story of his days as a ship captain.  Dale Carnegie quoted this story by explaining that Mr. Osler described the compartments in a ship, designed to secure certain areas and thus maintain security of the floating compartments, shutting off the past, and securing the compartment ahead the future, and living for today, or in a "day tight compartment" you can put off the shame and drudgery of dwelling on past mistakes, and the misery of worrying about what has not yet come to pass, but instead focus on the now, at what you have the power to do this very day.  That is key.


This lesson has stuck with me from the day I first heard it.  Today while discussing Social Media, HR, and Staffing with fellow HR Professionals, I began to see the light again, that living for today means learning about what will take us to our goal, whether that is nurturing a network of sound professionals which will likely benefit us soon, and giving effort to help others where we can this very day, and giving every moment our best, most sincere effort.  That is the lesson.


As I discussed the applications of LinkedIn to a receptive crowd, the question arose about why I thought it grew so popular, in short I was able to say that in a new economy, and in a new world, people in so many words realized that living for today and taking control of their online presence through web 2.0 was just what was needed to hold true to the course.


So many voices ring in this maelstrom of doubt and uncertainty, I would not be where I am today weren't it for the perspective staffing has given me over the last 8 years.  When I began in 2004, as an intern, and lo and behold the economic maelstrom forced me to make some key decisions, I worried at the time about the long-term stability, as professors continued to say that outsourcing was going to be the way of the HR world.  I held firm to the direction I wanted, and now 8 years later, I without regret hold true to my course, it is Staffing/HR which has been the god send of my career.  I know that being in this field and being able to create direction and keeping an iron grip to my straight and narrow path is the key to direction and outcomes that will continue to open doors in my chosen field of endeavor.  Finding strength in technical sourcing, clinging to knowledge I know that I can impart, and then doing so, opens vast doors.  It is with this knowledge that others can be helped, so staying the course is much like being in charge of one's own ship.  Keeping the compartments closed tight, and the direction forward is about as much the way to success as anything can be.


These days, much can be said for doom and gloom, yet, I still see positive indications - a brilliant post earlier this evening in this forum about hiring for recruiters is up, is a good sign.  There are few things that will not change - even when there is doom and gloom, and folks are tied up in the doubt of economic malaise and uncertainty, one can be rest assured that companies will always have a need for tremendous talent.  I know this as well as I know myself.  Hires occur when someone is in the right place, at the right time, with the right mix of skills.  One soft skill - attitude, it's as powerful a thing as the darkest night or the brightest day - sour attitudes equal a dead on arrival loss of progress.


An archer takes aim at a target, a small ring in the center is the bulls-eye or direct goal.  When we take aim in life at the challenges before us and persist, well the goal becomes realized, only when we put our whole self into the effort of our task before us at the moment we have the ability to come to a decision.


I can write about all the things that motivate, when there is trully one thing that matters above all else, and that is the commitment that nothing will dissuade from your personal goals.


Goals are like a mast with a sail they shine a bright and tangible light through smoke and mirrors, through endless noise of political uncertainty, through the disagreements and analysis that makes no sense.  Somewhere in all of that, the individual economic engine of the small business entrepreneur is the essence of everything that liberates doubt and brings those over to success - when sheer effort is amassed and a goal is set.  When an individual will stop at nothing to realize that goal, it is as amazing an outcome as can be.  Trust me when I say keeping your eye on the goal in the midst of the Great Recession can still yield and uncover INCREDIBLE outcomes....I am a living witness to that fact.  In my career I have had privilege and pleasure to interface with many incredible folks.  It is a beginning, and the outcomes I still cherish, financial independence, a fair shake, and keeping up with the Boy Scout motto, - "BE PREPARED" I know without a doubt that we still have some great recruiting days ahead.  Great Recession yes, but Great Goals, well that can beat a Great Recession any day of the week - and if there was any one thing that can get us back up on our feet there is one thing, dog gone American Ingenuity, Entrepreneurship, and Faith in the goals one has set.  That is the North Star, that is the Sun rising again, and well nothing is as sweet or amazing as that.  Amen.



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Comment by Lee K. Candiotti on August 10, 2011 at 10:27pm
Your remarks are both cogent & timely.  Thanks. 


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