It is without a doubt one of the most historic times of our economic windfall.  Everywhere you look there is doom and gloom discussion, individuals getting overwhelmed, and political rumblings, and a historic downgrade of the US credit rating.  The Dow dropped 600+ points, but yet there is still hope.


We need to look long and hard these days at giving individuals hope.  Is there any wonder that the Recruiting/Staffing professional of today can be a powerful voice that gets heard?  What will we do to wake up others as to the challenges our clients face, to the challenges candidates face, and to the challenges of hiring managers?  What can we do?


Here is the choice.


Will we give hope to others by how we let them down if they are not a fit?  Do we still have enough customer service mindset to hear the voices of hiring managers and balancing the needs of both candidate, hiring manager, and client line staff?  I think so.


One area of great continuing staffing needs is in the tech sector.  With jobs abundant there - (in Silicon Valley we do see a consistent and steady labor demand) - we may need to be a voice of what types of training regimen are needed for today's worker.


How can we get our voices heard?  Band together, and create a consistent voice for the staffing/recruiting industry, and moreover provide community assistance whereever possible that serves to help give hope to displaced workers. 


Today more than ever a staffing professional has the power to deliver incredible outcomes, and this means being a voice that is heard over all the fluff, all the doomsaying, over all the nonsense that is swirling around us.  We can add real value to the national discussion by being involved in our political process, discussing what we see on a daily basis and come up with real solutions that at our level are real ideas. 


In so many words, today's staffing professional has the power to be a voice that teaches and gives credence to what candidate experience is, to what service for hiring managers is.  To the real challenges of both and being a bridge to offer solutions that can turn into government sponsored direction - IF we find a way to be passionate about policies that open the door for small business to hire again, and for businesses to share what training is needed and providing real ideas as well as potential funding for training programs that lead to new horizons, we need real incentives for business to trust government again.


There is hope.  But we need to unify, be frugal, and stand firm as well as be open minded to offer hope to those who need it.  Then perhaps we can knock down the naysayers and really get the economic engines moving again.  It will take a loud voice that doesn't give up in the face of challenge.  Staffing Professionals do still have that voice.

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