Kickstart your Blockchain Career: Earn a Blockchain Certification Today

Blockchain can’t be ignored anymore. The IT job market is rippling with a growing demand for this new age technology. Blockchain never stops to evolve. Technological marvels are created every now and then and, it has left us enthralled us through boundless imagination and wonders of its performance.

Blockchain technology, an invention made by ingenious brainiacs, is shaping the way business is done in the market. The technology is on its way toward making history. Several organizations are now seeing this technology as a new frontier in businesses. Interestingly, almost every industry is racing toward adopting this technology into its processes and development. Many big tech giants have filed new patents for it. IBM has entrusted over $200 million and has employed around 1000 staff members for its blockchain based projects.

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Blockchain technology, the underlying technology for Bitcoin (cryptocurrency), was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Ever since the hype of Bitcoin, the buzz of the phenomenal benefits blockchain offers does not seem to end. From being called the mother of all scam to being a leapfrogging technology today, blockchain comes a long way in transforming its image. At the advent, it came as a surprise whether blockchain technology could be used apart from its crypto power. It did take a while for people to accept this the new kid on the block which is much more than just cryptocurrency.

Widely known for its decentralized ledger, blockchain paved its way into the finance and banking sector by providing security. As the word itself implies, blockchain, a chain of digital blocks entails the transaction records. Each block is interlinked with the other block, making it extremely difficult to tamper. The data stored is immutable, and secured through cryptography. However, one needs to keep in mind that all blockchains aren’t created equal. There are two types of blockchain, public and private having different kinds of variations. Both these blockchains differ in varied ways and the level of security can affect differently.

The Present and Future State of Blockchain Technology

Within the past decade, hyped technology has created quite an identity for itself. It’s no surprise that we’re seeing glimmers of blockchain up rising even in 2019.

By 2023, the global blockchain technology market is predicted to undergo a massive growth of over $23.3 billion. As a result, the demand for blockchain professionals will be unstoppable. From real estate to the healthcare sector to the government every sector is undergoing disruption. It is said that the financial sector has been one of the fastest and quickest sectors to invest in this technology managing over 60% of the technology’s market value focused in this field.

Given the interest in the current job market, this technology has become one of the industry’s promising technology of tomorrow. Startups are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in it.

The buzzword has become like a magic word for companies looking to implement this technology into their processes. But sadly, the magic word seems to be fading off on career prospects due to the shortage of talent.

Is the current blockchain job market sinking?

Definitely, no. If this question was asked a decade back, it would have been a rhetoric ‘yes’ but today, the blockchain market has grown massively. This has been a hot topic of discussion across the industry and even among the frontrunners in the current technology market.

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2019 is a brutal bear market for blockchain professionals and blockchain developers. This is a great sign for professionals looking to launch their career in this disruptive ledger technology. While the demand outpaces the supply, it is certain that there will be an endless number of blockchain jobs in the market. As a consequence, the blockchain training market has bloomed; Catering programs, learning skills and blockchain certification for professionals who are skilled enough to formulate blockchain strategies.

Certifications are considered valuable by potential employers. Gaining a credible certification verifies the candidate’s potential to take up a project. A proper blockchain certification demonstrates the skillset and ensures employers that you’re the benefactor of a myriad of cutting edge technologies.

To make an easy transition, tech enthusiasts can now find many blockchain certifications to become expert professionals in this field:

  • IBM

IBM offers ranges of blockchain certification programs for programmers and developers aspiring to learn the basics of this technology and intending to build applications and networks with it. To become a part of the community, one needs to connect with professionals belonging to the same community and having the same level of knowledge. The major focus of the program is to teach professionals a comprehensive and detailed understanding of this technology by using case studies.

  • Central Blockchain Council of America

CBCA provides high-end blockchain credentialing. This institute offers three certification programs that have been well curated to impart knowledge to professionals aspiring to write logic and algorithms to build blockchain applications. This program is designed for professionals as well as early aspirants looking to start their blockchain career. It is one of the best in the market.

  • Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium

Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium is known for offering well-curated certifications that are built to test one’s knowledge of cryptocurrency and even blockchain development. These certifications will be of benefit for professionals having prior knowledge of blockchain.

  • Blockchain Training Alliance

This establishment, in its association with Pearson VUE, is widely known for providing credentials for experienced professionals such as software architects and developers who have the zeal to upgrade their skills to future proof their career.

Parting words:

Reskilling and upskilling are the new norms today. The demand for blockchain professionals will continue to skyrocket. The good times are here. With the number of job openings exceeding the applicant supply, the blockchain aspirants can now build their career and stay job ready for the coming times.

Earning a credible certification is one of the best things an individual can do today, as it lends high credibility to organizations that are in a hunt to hire high potential candidates.

Grab this opportunity now!

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