Let the Games Begin! A whole new Recruiting world awaits....

Let me explain something here to the guys. When you get married, Game Over.

I was playing a video game. It was 2 AM. I was using my Plantronics headset with mic shouting at my team of online gamers (mostly college kids) when all of a sudden my wife pulls the electrical plug.

We were on the last level to slay the Dragon monster and she drops the power strip in my lap. Friggin’ unplugged and offline, my team lost hours worth of work! I’ve never had an out of body experience before but I was having one at that moment - sitting in my chair in a bathrobe stunned, speechless, and covered with potato chips.

Ever since then married life has been a little...um…different. Every time I came home with a new video game, my wife looked at me like I brought in a bag of crack.

That was a long time ago. We’ve got new President. We’ve got Social Website mania and we got new type of video games and we have a Hot New Recruiting category!

A whole new world of excitement awaits for those that stand arms crossed tapping a foot and glaring at the spouse that plays video games all the time.

I say, “Let the Games Begin!”

Mobile games are new and exciting. With tons of free downloadable games, the iPhone is projected to beat out Nintendo and Sony PSP this year. Even my Wife likes these type games. She’s into Sudoku, Tetris and Solitaire type games.

If you are a Recruiting agency or an IT recruiter, Mobile Game Development needs to be on your radar.

And Mr. and Mrs. UnemployedRecruiterlookingforwork, it’s all about downloadable games these days. Both iPhone and Android are churning them out left and right. It is a billion dollar industry. And it’s never going to need a Government bailout.

The cool thing about mobile games is that I believe they can be used as part of the Employment Branding experience. I have some ideas around this but that’s another topic. I encourage everyone to check into Mobile Game Development because it is hot and developers are needed.

Here is a complete list of Video Game Companies you can follow on Twitter. You can always follow me, Michael Glenn, @Glennlist on Twitter.

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