Greetings from the Jungle! Been quite a hectic January so far and this year is looking great on the hunting front. Yes the economy is flat in spots but even companies in these flat spots are in dire need of qualified candidates. In other spots the economy is sizzling hot and the demand for people far far out weighs the supply. Always a good idea as a Headhunter to work the part of the jungle that has a huge demand but a small supply. That way when you do hit the bull’s eye with your spear you know you will get the maximum benefit from it.

Last time I blogged I wrote a little bit on Biz Dev. It’s the most important aspect of selling. Goes without saying that if you don’t have a paying customer, a customer that will benefit from your goods, products or services, won’t be long until you are out of the game. Once again we need to keep the sales pipeline and funnel full. The only way to get good at it and develop the muscle and mind set is through preparation, practice, and repitition. There is no other way.

Expect objections from potential and even lifelong clients. It’s only natural. Basically objections are a person who is saying “I don’t understand what you are trying to sell me” and/or “the itch I have your product of service doesn’t scratch, I need more info.” Learn to embrace them and get good and countering them. If you expect objections from the outset you won’t be floored and rattled when one enviably comes up. You will be able to handle the questions with ease and poise? Why? Because you have prepared beforehand.

As I have stated many many times before when you are doing a sales presentation and an objection surfaces from the potential customer you don’t really have the luxury to say “ Hang on there Mr Prospect let look at my objection handbook, look at the table on contents, find out under what chapter your objection comes under, look it up and I’ll have the answer in a few minutes… just hang on” If it were that easy! At that point your client is already thinking about another salesperson that can fulfill their needs.

“Experience come just after you need it” is a well used saying because it’s quite true. How do I get the experience? Through repetition keep making those calls and keep going to those appointments. Practice ahead of time. Write down TEN of the most common objections you have come across in your sales vertical. Write down the answers and commit them to memory. Practice in front of the mirror, practice in front of your camera phone or at least record you voice for playback, and if you can role play with a team member. The dividends that it will pay far outweigh the effort.

OK Real time here. As I was saying I’m in a huge Biz Dev mode, making lots of calls and the biggest objection by a mile this week was as usual was from the gatekeeper. I’m looking to speak with the decision maker or department head. Once I squeeze the name out of reception and get asked to be put through I get asked “Is Mrs. XYZ expecting your call?” I usually reply in this manner.

“ No she is not, we are doing some work in the area and your companies name has surfaced in a few conversations as major player in the (insert vertical here I.T., Engineering etc, ) I would like to glean some more information and I usually speak with the Head of Engineering can you put me through please…”

“Happy Hunting”

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