Lipton Fleming work closely with a charity called Eaves and last week we spent a couple of hours with them discussing how dreams can become a reality with a few of the right steps.  These are people who have suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse and are trying to rebuild their lives for a brighter future.  Women who have been trapped in violent relationships, some even trafficked.

Life throws us a curve ball and the course of our lives can change cataclysmically. It could be a health scare, a serious bout of illness, redundancy, unexpected pregnancy , depression, recession,  bankruptcy–  in the blink of an eye our lives change directions and we are suspended asking, “How will things pan out?.” And sometimes there may appear to be limited options – the below story gives us some insight into how we can cling on to the promise of a better future.


Four guys decided to go mountain climbing. In the middle of the climb one guy slipped over a cliff, dropped about sixty feet and landed with a thud on a ledge below. The other three, hoping to rescue him, yelled, “Are you okay?”

He replied, “I’m alive, but I think I broke both my arms.” The three said, “We’ll toss a rope down to you and pull you up.” “Fine.” answered Joe.

After dropping one end of a rope, they started tugging, working feverishly to pull their wounded friend to safety. When they had him about three quarters of the way up, they suddenly remembered that he’d said he’d broken both arms. “Joe! If you broke both arms, how in the world are you hanging on?”

Jaw taut, Joe responded, “With my teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth.”

Some days the best we can do is just hang on by the skin of our teeth. Even the strongest and wisest amongst us have times when we don’t have the answers and can’t see the way forward; All we can do is look up and trust that things will get better and we will pull through.

If you’re in a tight spot today, don’t let go of the rope. If you have to, hang on by your teeth- just know that help is on the way and this won’t be a “forever state”.

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Emy Rumble-Mettle

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