Recruitment Pitfalls to avoid for a Better Candidate Experience

In the fast-moving world of recruiting, the main objective while searching for a new employee is to hire the best talent available in market for a given position as quickly and efficiently as possible while also reducing the hiring costs. Technology is helping the whole world in all aspects and it has come a long way in streamlining the overall recruitment process and also improving the candidate experience. Automation helps to reduce unconscious bias, it gives job seekers the flexibility to self-schedule interviews, which makes communication between recruiters and the candidates much easier than ever. While all this sounds good to hear, it is a difficult task in reality. With progress also comes the challenge. There are recruitment pitfalls which can knock down all your recruiting efforts off course if you’re not careful.

Here are the top recruiting pitfalls to avoid for a better candidate experience

Improvised Automation

Automation has so many good things to talk about. But complete automation removes the human element completely from the recruitment process. Job search has an emotional side that recruiters should keep in mind. Automation should act as an aid your recruitment process not to completely replace it. Automation should be used to handle all the behind-the-scenes functions like to do job postings, maintain candidate’s data etc. Don’t miss out on the actual human touch-points while communicating with candidates. Just getting automated feedback from your side will make candidates less engaged and finally loose interest in your position.

Falling Prey to Bias

Humans tend to like people who are similar to them in any way this happens while interviewing also but just because you liked a candidate for who they are doesn’t mean they are fit for the job role. Recruitment is about hiring someone who can bring in fresh ideas and new perspectives rather than someone whom you’ve considered in your head as right. With bias recruitment, diversity in the hiring process fades away slowly, crashing all efforts to build a balanced and multi-talented team. With advancement of AI recruitment tools human biases against older workers, minorities or religious groups is reduced to some extent. But AI works on perceiving patterns of past behaviors, which might result in few hidden biases in your organization’s hiring that an AI solution will inevitably pick up.

Rushing the Recruiting Process

The ease of applying for jobs online helps recruiters to build a large pool of candidates. But this also makes it difficult to sort right candidates from so many applicants. If there are lot of resumes to look at, it’s tantalizing to toss each one aside at the first bad line. Obviously, you want the hiring process to be smooth and really quick in order to fill open positions fast, but not at the cost of excessively expensive or a bad hire. An in efficacious process results in multiple mistakes and ultimately, a wrong hire. Take time to understand and analyze each applicant before you decide he or she isn’t the right fit for the job.

Complicated HR technology platforms

There are enough human resource software solutions available that you can use to manage your recruiting efforts, to name a few: Workday, Epicor HCM, Oracle HCM Cloud, Dayforce, SAP Success Factors etc. But not all systems can do everything you need or want it to do. Many solutions have feature gaps that require to be augmented by additional point solutions for example CRM to interview scheduling to improve the candidate experience. It’s highly recommended to do gap analysis before integrating it to the rest of that platform to be make sure your team has the right tools to succeed.

The main goal in recruitment is to give all candidates a great experience while also ensuring the best candidates keep moving along the interview process and get hired. Technology certainly helps with the overall process. But relying on it too heavily, or without the right amount of thought and consideration will lead to certain pitfalls. If you avoid these pitfalls, you’ll be reaping all the benefits of the digital age hiring great talents and offering amazing candidate experience.

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