Social Media At Work & Creating A Platinum LinkedIn Profile-Web 2.0 goes 3.0

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Well, I just got back from a great event, where some new friends helped put on a great social media and networking opportunity for our professional associations, jointly sponsored by the BYU Management Society-Silicon Valley Chapter (of which I am a Board Member), and the (SJSU Alumni Association of which I am an alumnus of the University) with over 70 people in attendance it was quite a gathering on the San Jose State University Campus in their beautiful Engineering Building.

From L-R: Author of Rock The World with Your On-Line Presence: Your Ticket To A Multi-Platinum LinkedIn Profile, 27th most connected person on LinkedIn with 27,000 connections, and Owner of Integrated Alliances-Social Media Training Company-Mike O'Neil, Director of Global Organization and Talent Management at Oracle Corporation, and Co-Author Social Media at Work-Arthur Jue, Chief Learning Officer-Integrated Alliances, and Co-Author of the Rock the World Book, the number 150th most connected on LinkedIn, Lori Ruff, BYU Management Society-Silicon Valley Chapter Board Member Mike Rasmussen. SJSU Alumni Association Associate Director Brian Bates, and MassMutual Financial of Walnut Creek Director of Recruiting Susan Dittmann-co-sponsor of our event: Creating a Platinum LinkedIn Profile That Gets Results in Job Search and In Business, and Social Media at Work.

I don't need to emphasize the power of your network to affect good and create and leverage amazing outcomes for maximum success. Those in attendance were amazing professionals from various walks of life. We were enlightened to Social Media's impact by Arthur Jue, given the opportunity to truly understand the value of a tremendously viable LinkedIn Profile by Mike O'Neil and Lori Ruff, given a great welcome by Brian Bates, and given a new venture of partnership between like minded organizations in the BYU Management/SJSU Alumni Association collaboration-with more collaboration on the way. As a proud alumnus of SJSU, and as an advocate in ethical leadership from the BYU Management Society-I had the privilege of representing both organizations. Now, I did not graduate from BYU, but I identify with it's vision and mission-it has grown to an organization that accepts all partners-as such I became their LinkedIn Group Administrator, and an advocate through my church through LDS Employment to help others find work. That group now stands at 550 members, I never dreamed it would grow so quickly. Within our ranks are Russel Hancock, CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley, and the Honorable Police Chief of San Jose, Rob Davis-both associates of the BYU Management Society-Silicon Valley Chapter. Within the valley we have a power-house of professionals with amazing relationships. Through such we help others to grow and achieve career success. In this economic day, we all need any help we can find to make a difference. Tenacity, grit, and persistence, all key ingredients I have learned from recruiting. Those specific traits make a difference in recruiting, in family life or any undertaking. In the matter of 3-4 weeks to pull off an event like this, and create a powerful place for others to work together and collaborate-that is the essence of social media, that is the essence of an on-line recruiting brand. In so many words-Rocking the World with Your On-Line Presence is really an apt description of what it means to grow your profile on any social networking media. In so many words-candidate pipeline development is an ongoing process. To gainfully employed and active job seeker alike-social media will continue on in the Web 2.0 model, and eventually we will find ourselves in Web 3.0. Who knows what that will look like-micro-blogging, video blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Jigsaw, Spoke, to name a few, all will be game changers. This is the year of the Social Media platform to evolve even more. And it's value in business is profound. So sharing with those in transition the important steps to a LinkedIn profile, one can find a way to help others build their online presence that opens doors. And such doors will continue to open, as you chart your way forward as a member of a viable Social Media Recruiting effort. So central is talent acquisition, that Social Media will be the key tool in a Recruiter's tool box, to win the war for talent and streamline the hiring process.

As you chart a course for good you identify partnerships. Through my network, I see amazing opportunities to influence like-minded professionals for good. Every day, we have that ability as staffing professionals/enthusiasts, and HR best practice thought leaders. Being among this group, I found myself having fun, putting on an event that garnered some great outcomes, with future partnerships likely. What's more, we were able to help job seekers and those already gainfully employed to create an on-line presence that creates a favorable on-line advertisement. A long run career goal that pushes you onward and upward. Through social media you can brand yourself-and as someone seeking work myself-I know the value. I know the power of using my recruiting/sourcing/staffing skills to exact a measure of success for others. That is the power of a network used to creat win/wins across a variety of industries.

To this forum I would say cherish you network. Cherish the relationships that tie you to power connectors. Due to Mike O'Neil being one of the most connected on LinkedIn, I reached out wanting to grow my network and mutually benefit one another through the group we met and shook hands virtually, I was then invited by Mike to Career Rebootcamp in October 2009, along the way I found myself in a life changing course or two. Now looking for my next full-time opportunity-I stand ready and able to open doors for others in ways I never imagined-with a vote of confidence from Brian Bates to join the SJSU Alumni Association Board, and viable partnerships growing with Susan Dittmann who has connections in the Bay Area for Catholic Charities Core Catholic Network-a group that helps job seekers and those in transition-influence for good the next economic steps to help others garner hope and a new opportunity. As one who has coached those in transition through my church during this difficult economic timing, all of us can exact change and move mountains for others.

By the way, I interviewed with a networking contact of Manpower in San Jose this week-with a likely invitation to join their exceptional team. Just waiting on the final details-and I should be back to work. We interviewed two years ago when he was with another company at that time he was pondering the logistics of adding to headcount, and didn't get the approval in the budget. Now, two years later, having maintained contact and a brisk LinkedIn Relationship, we reconnected, who knows-the timing may be right for a networking golden opportunity-to join a leading staffing firm. The Director is a tremendous asset to Manpower as a Staffing Executive, and his reputation is well respected in Silicon Valley. It goes to show-your network-is your most vital asset to career development-and leading the way for others, in our professional associations and networking contacts-whether virtual or in-person-people remember who you are. So get that LinkedIn Profile up to date, and make it an opportunity for greatness to help others along their way. All our proceeds will benefit college students scholarship opportunities and what a great team this was, creating a viable amount of professional networking content that will enable those in attendance to enhance their careers. And that is something to be proud of! The value of an online network, and a forward thinking social media strategy-as Mike O'Neil would say-now that is a Platinum ideal, and as Arthur Jue would say that is Social Media at Work!

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