The Career of Champions: When Economic Circumstances Teach You How To Reinvent Yourself

This blog post is going to be exceptionally personal. You have been warned. A few months ago, I stood looking down on the San Francisco Bay, at Sunset looking west from the Oakland Hills-when I snapped this picture. It was at that time I told myself, I had what it takes to make a difference in my profession, I could put people back to work, and really help propel myself forward to a career track of greatness. I thought of the beautiful cities laid out before me-many busy people running back and forth to their business pursuits. They were doing the best they could in a world that only looks on outward appearances. Each human being recruiters and HR Professionals-HAS VALUE-let me tell you that right now.

This is my opportunity to tell the staffing world-hire me, I am available, and I am ready to make a difference, I have spent the past 6 years honing my art-I am ready to become a talent driver, and whomever hires me-I have a network to match-connections to amazing people-with 1500 direct LinkedIn Connections. Reinventing myself in 2009, I stand ready to deliver. I have worked in Staffing for the better part of 4 years-HR for 6 years, and have the knowledge of how to bring in incredibly talented candidates and fill roles quickly. One of my proudest accomplishments was helping to secure a fee for $38,000 for a Business Development Director role, right before the economy turned south, and the buying behavior of client companies went as icy as icy a hiring freeze can be. So in March I found myself with part-time hours, doing my Business Development, helping clients with Billable HR Consulting work for my employer Solutions Partners, and recognizing that I would need another opportunity-I took a contract, my wife bless her heart went back to work and then another contract and soon found myself at a start-up (a taste of recruiting bliss), that ended in December when the budget for my role soon faded-fast forward 1 month and I have had some wonderful interviews-met amazing people, and striving to reinvent myself found new days in my career.

So the reinvention of professionals is what I like to refer to as 2009. I had the most amazing career pinnacles at Solutions Partners, clients who loved me but then couldn't supply us business as they looked to watch their financial bandwidth and survival was the momentous decision. I look back on that year as one where I wanted to pin down solidarity on my resume-being young I made decisions I knew would give me well rounded HR experience, and I just need that one employer to say here is a young up and coming professional-let's give him a chance to show us what he can do. Once that happens I will then be able to pursue my Master's Degree, a CIR, and other amazing HR professional goals. I have the amazing power to be a big biller, and in a HR capacity the knowledge of how to save money in the hiring process.

This past month to stay busy I organized a Social Media Training for Professionals in the BYU Management Society and SJSU Alumni Association. The end result was job seekers meeting one of the most connected on LinkedIn. I grew as one that gained respect in my field of any endeavor, the LinkedIn Recommendations started to grow, and soon I found that I had so much to offer-and multiple interviews-several coming very close to the finish line-when another candidate in this tough labor market barely squeaked out the offer-congratulations to them. But I also was able to see how I could hone my message-and that lesson will carry forward in all Staffing/Recruiting Endeavors-for if I can learn to patiently accept rejection-which is part of any Marketing/Sales campaign or for that matter recruiting initiative-in this case job search. This past week I was so close to a positive outcome-the stars were aligned in my favor, the hiring manager loved me, but then the budget unforeseen did not allow for the outcome of hope-so close-yet back to the drawing board.

We all have moments like this-admit it hiring managers-haven't you been in that boat before? You interviewed for that amazing role-only to be told one circumstance or another did not allow for the supernal outcome. You must sense that every candidate has the desire to succeed, but how you perhaps give them the opportunity to prove their mettle-that is well-key. I think it is imperative to leave every candidate with a good taste in their mouths-to help releive anxiety that is part of the job search experience.

There are many hiring managers that will only consider passive vs. active candidates-but I hate to say it now-even ACTIVE candidates have MUCH to offer. And they are active due to economic circumstance. Remember that if you receive 200 resumes-those 200 resumes COULD BE customers. How you treat them shows your professional maturity-your prowess at enabling others to climb the ladder of success.

How much of a Pay-It-Forward type of a person are you. What do YOU offer the world. I beleive in some elements of Karma-pay it forward and watch some points of the good return to you. With some passionate resolve to make a key fill-or create a key outcome-this is the gift of staffing professionals to the world.

So one final plug-HIRE ME-and see how I can be a big biller-or for that matter a passionate grower of revenue for my firm and family-as well as a HR Professional who still remembers the front part of the acronym-HUMAN.

We are all human-pay it forward-enable job seekers a chance-let them prove to you their value. Sue Connelly of the KitList challenged the San Francisco Recruiters Yahoo Group Recently to have a massive "Put People Back to Work Day". I was part of it in my own way-but continuing to provide hope in the endeavors I undertake and giving professional assistance along the way really is what drives me.

The view of the Bay-the great San Francisco Bay-and a regional engine that enables people to get back to work is all here in Silicon Valley. The Career of Champions-that is what life is all about.

So again a plug-Eager and Hard Working Recruiter with very trustworthy credentials seeking my next employment home. So blessed are we. And that is really how I want it to be. The Career of Champions-sounds like a breakfast cereal? The Career of Champions-is one of my gifts to humanity. I know the economy is turning around-and with it the direction of knowledgeable application of recruiting tools.

May success be a driving outcome. That is my hope. So time to go back to work-you ready to add to your team-available and willing recruiter can be emailed at:, and you can find my Linkedin Profile Here:

Mike Rasmussen, PHR

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Comment by Tsegga on February 7, 2010 at 3:16pm
Brilliant branding!! Keep it up and my best to you!


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