The Trauma of Hiring the Wrong Sales Executive - New Elements to Look at...

Besides the regular recruitment processes with all of your staff, someone you want to be on your side, at the best and worst of times, is the Sales Executive.

Their role in your company is vital to stepping up on a spectrum of the business world. However, these are a few things to take a step back if you happen to see them in front of you...

  • Looking at a lot of numbers on a screen and making too general decisions on this new data.
  • Rounding up numbers, making vague choices of where to move on, how are you getting to the next step.
  • Doing a basic reflection and move on to putting some solutions into action, yes you do need actions rather than words right now , but you also need someone who is thinking outside the box.
  • A list of options “pre-planned” decision making is where you need to have alarms going off.

Hiring a Good Sales Executive, will not only highlight the why’s and how’s of those numbers on a screen, but they are really going to show you the tactful way of resolving any problems. This is of course in the best case scenarios, where you hire an absolute legend that has the experience and knowledge of unlimited combined sources of skills and intrigue to shape what you demand, into a phenomenal success.

In the opposite direction, let’s say, you have  a worst-case scenario, by your recruitment processes, making a significant error ,prominent enough to make those numbers on a screen go down, making bad decisions, hasty choices, thinking they have the world at their feet, with an overachieving head on their shoulders, too confident for their own good.

Most aspect of sales industries works the same. You can’t help but applaud a good confident sales pushy-person trying to convince us we cannot survive without their highly recommended product, regardless of what nonsense it is. On a much bigger scale of things, the word - Executive - here pops up.

This is where the focus needs to be. Not just a standardized mission of hiring someone who can sell anything to everyone. They need to be able to give out strategies, new approaches to the problems you have had up until now, with a game-plan waiting to be played.

So you now have a situation in your hands that needs to be dealt with cautiously...If there is one piece of knowledge that a Sales Expert has to pass on it’s that, you can make the most of a sticky situation. With a bad choice made in the hiring development, it is a personality of an employee, regardless of how far up they are in a hierarchy of your organisation, that makes you decide if you want them on your side.

You cannot remould an individual into the format of who you want to be working with. Plus with the word Executive added onto most positions, it would appear that to retrain someone is out of the question. In this case, its a re-evaluation that takes action. You can use a balance of these options, to work towards a solution.

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Comment by Matt Charney on August 15, 2014 at 8:58am

Think Google picked up on that "sales executive" keyword? Because anyone reading this sure will.

Comment by Or Hillel on August 17, 2014 at 8:20am

Hi Matt, it's not a SEO article...


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