8 Things To Know About Hosting a Virtual Career Fair

COVID-19 posed a challenging time for many businesses and industries, instigating change no one could’ve ever imagined. The recruiting space was no different. With social distancing regulations in place, recruiters couldn’t meet candidates in person. Recruiting teams were forced to think outside of the box, and looked to technology for help. 

Virtual Career Fairs emerged as the perfect tool for remote recruiting and solved many recruiting pain points during the pandemic.

What is a virtual career fair?

A virtual career fair is an online hiring event where employers and prospective candidates can chat and discuss job openings. They enable employers to create all-encompassing digital career fairs, from creating branded registration pages to setting up job booths and initiating interviews with candidates.

For these reasons, experts predict that 80% of recruiting will remain virtual for the foreseeable future - and it’s no surprise. Virtual Career Fairs are a great remote recruiting tool; they enable employers to transcend geographic barriers and digitally meet candidates from any location. 

Let’s take a look at what exactly Virtual Career Fair Software can offer your recruiting team. 

1. Virtual Career Fairs, on average, are cheaper than traditional in-person career fairs.

Transportation, print ads, booth decorations, venue, staffing, and other miscellaneous costs all add up. These are costs you don’t have to worry about if you’re hosting an all-digital hiring event.

2. You don’t have to sacrifice your company branding. 

It can be daunting to outsource your digital hiring event, but you don’t have to worry about giving up your company branding. A good Virtual Career Fairs platform will allow you to customize the look and feel of your digital career fair. XOR Virtual Career Fairs enable recruiting teams to create and design their own registration pages, resulting in more sign-ups and attendees. 

3. You can set up interactive booths for one or many employers.

Whether you’re hiring big or small, Virtual Career Fairs can adapt to your needs. You can set up interactive booths for one or an unlimited number of employers; these booths can be filtered and organized to help job seekers navigate their desired role, location, or employer.

4. You can send out reminders to boost registration.

Once you have your booths and registration pages set up, you can send out a text reminder to all your registrants - and passive candidates - to help them prepare for their big day. This can be a simple link to your registration page, a quick how-to text, or anything else you think would be important to include.

5. You can automate screening and scheduling.

With hundreds to thousands of attendees, it’s not feasible for recruiters to spend time screening and scheduling each and every candidate. With the right Virtual Career Fairs platform, you can choose to automate any stage of the recruiting process - including screening and scheduling. Automated screening and scheduling leverage an AI chatbot to initiate and engage in conversation with multiple candidates at once, resulting in saved time and more qualified candidates. 

6. You can initiate a live chat or video call with candidates at any point.

Ready to move forward with a candidate? You can initiate a live chat or video call with candidates at any point in time. XOR’s Virtual Career Fair solution doesn’t even require you to leave your browser! Live chats can also be hosted with multiple candidates at once.

7. You can report on your performance. 

With the collected information and data, it’s easy to track your performance and see what you can improve on for your next Virtual Career Fair. The number of attendees and registrants, scheduled interviews, and other results can be compiled into a customizable report for quick analysis.

8. You can ask for feedback after the event.
After your hiring event, you can send out texts to check in on candidates and ask for feedback. These results can be used to curate an even better virtual hiring experience next time. 

Virtual Career Fairs proved its utility during the pandemic and will be here to stay. With an all-digital hiring platform, recruiting teams have the flexibility and customizability to create and host their own career fairs with ease. Job seekers also get to enjoy a top-notch candidate experience with quick response times, and on-demand interviews. Will you be implementing Virtual Career Fairs into your recruiting strategy in 2021?

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