Unstoppable - The Quest For Gold of The Best Recruiting Professionals

Unstoppable - its a mojo.  It's a lifestyle.  It's a commitment.


Everywhere I go, I keep hearing of folks who are wallowing in the mire of an economic malaise that gets their hopes up, and hits their resolve.  There is an incredible song by the Rascal Flatts which highlights why being Unstoppable is so key.  I have posted it as an update to my LinkedIn Profile....please view:




The video posted there on my LinkedIn Profile shows Olympic Champions as they made history in the Winter Olympics a few short years ago.  As you witness them achieving feats of the utmost competitive skill, you witness their Unstoppable commitment to their chosen endeavor.  They rise and achieve.  All the while you hear the music - talking about rising when you fall, making the most of challenges and being "Born To Win."


Ladies and Gentlemen, staffing professionals are born to win.  We need to be UNSTOPPABLE in our pursuit of great staffing exchanges, in creating matches for great candidates and managers, and making the most of, and being hopeful for the future.


There are those who keep screaming the economy this and the economy that, there are struggles but yet, there is a bright beacon for those who remain UNSTOPPABLE and keep the momentum up for creating maximum deals and great outcomes for a hiring manager's needs.  In a hyper-competitive environment the importance of being UNSTOPPABLE is paramount to staffing success, as you maintain determination to make that next call, follow up and follow through on candidates who make the effort to call you back, and pave the way for trust in every part of the staffing process.


It is a very real challenge that we have all faced economic peril, but yet in staffing there is much joy as individuals open the way for candidates to find their successful direction.


Being Unstoppable is as much a mindset as it is a life style, and when we get knocked down as recruiting professionals we must pick ourselves up and drive maximum value until the fill is achieved - whether that is sourcing 1 more resume, making calls, or networking without fear.


Today, is the time to be UNSTOPPABLE in every word and deed, until success is being unlocked in the effort to find the way forward.  And when you make those fills and matches and open the doors that enable a great partnership and collaboration, it is there that UNSTOPPABLE pays off, and as you change a candidate's life you so change your company one step at a time.  The key is focusing and moving passionately such that every goal is given a fighting chance.  When that is done and focus is clear and offers the direction, that is when Fills occur - but only after the staffing professional uses every tool - networking, calls, social media, and onward - that is the clear definition of Unstoppable.  A whole life philosophy.  Not half baked or half delivered, but UNSTOPPABLE.  The greatest staffing component of all.

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