Learn To Be Still....As Much a Part of Success as Anything.

I listened to this song by the Eagles on my way home today, and for just a moment, I found peace as I realized, being comfortable in your own skin, is as much a part of success, as anything.  A simple lesson really, but yet so important.  Sometimes, people have thier opinion of your direction, be it small, be it simple, yet, learning to be still, and just patiently enjoying the moments is so vital and key to every momentous success. 


At times, I can't help but be amazed at why things go the way they do, if one could learn to be still, one could fend off so many moments that needn't be dealt with.  I at times wonder why certain particular set of circumstances came to be.  It is as though every best laid plan of my desired direction takes a new course and I being the control freak I am, forget that to be still is to be the victor over self and for that matter the master of one's own direction.  Weaknesses we all have, yet learning to be still, this core principle is a lesson so many must learn. 


There are moments in these economic days where uncertainty, frustration, or for that matter intent of the utmost zeal will put us in moments where we may need to learn to be still, or in other words just count the blessings.  From this day forward this very song will grace the entrance to my work space, a constant and vigilent reminder of who and what I need to be.  Be grateful, and just plain happy to have what you have and give every moment your vital best.


I don't think everyone understands intent as much as they should, if one could vacuum out all the noise out of our day to day and for a few moments of each day, commit to learn to be still, well, perhaps understanding, courage of conviction, and peace of the inward and vital kind would come to be.


I don't know how many times writing or blogging gives me such peace of mind, but it does, it's the very heart of a successful staffing momentum builder, just being at inward peace, the clearly stated goals, and the clearly defined direction moves the mountains like a powerful force for good.  These days, learning to be still means letting go of and not being holden to, things that just needn't be.  In so many words focusing from the moment I wake up, to the moment of sleep on positive thought and positive momentum are the very heart of my success.


There are many who say success is this or that, but really, could you have what on the outward appearance may be success, only to find a shallow loss when you realize just how much you may have missed when your children are grown, when loved ones move on, and so forth?  What is it that makes life worth living?  What is it that can endow every waking moment with renewed purpose?  With renewed hope and vigor?  What is it that will take you to your desired outcomes?  Learning to be Still, yes, having a plan, executing that plan with no apology, and being aware you will not always be right, and may be wrong, yes, it may mean sacrificing that very ego, for the knowledge that life is a vital give and take, the ultimate in learning to be still.


I remember days where in college I once had my opinion of how each daily course would go.  I found that most lessons were there coming to me whether I wanted them, that college course material isn't a substitute for life's lessons.  Rather, it is the core principle of learning to be still, being ever present in the moment, being wisely and inwardly aware that every moment is like a gift when you realize that you have but 1 shot at this life, to live it, and to give of oneself, passionately, and with full countenance until you arrive at the ultimate moment of victory.


Transformation.  I see it daily, as my own children teach me a thing or two about how to see more wisely the counsel of the years.  Learning to be still is a powerful concept, inspiring and fulfilling.  I wish sometimes that the challenges of certain days could be lifted.  That doubt could be permanently replaced with a choice, a choice that keeps me "learning to be still".  No amount of changing conditions, of swirling tides of life circumstance can stop someone anchored in a knowledge of inward peace.  Learning to be still we elevate ourselves past all the hooey, all the strife, all the lost yesterdays and forgotten tomorrows.  It's not that hard really, but yet it is.  Sacrificing ego is the challenge all must face, it separates the good from the great.  At the end of the day though - learning to be still is so vital to successful direction we must each learn that lesson in our own due time.  From this day forward perhaps more than ever I can be just that, and at peace with everything and everyone who I may venture contact with.  That lesson will be the key to success in years to come.  Here is the song I find so inspiring.  The words are below, and here is a great Youtube video, of a man enjoying nature and finding out how trully blessed all of us are - even in moments of strife, stress, or just plain busy moments, it needn't be a sore spot, only strong conviction of purpose.  Learning to be still, a key life skill.....




Learn To Be Still – The Eagles.


It’s just another day in paradise as you stumble to your bed.

You’d give anything to silence those voices ringing in your head.

You thought you could find happiness just over that green hill. 

You thought you’d be satisfied but you never will.

Learn to be still.


We are like sheep without a shepherd.  We don’t know how to be alone.

So we wander ‘round this desert and wind up following the wrong gods home.


But the flock cries out for another, and they keep answering that bell.

And one more starry eyed messiah meets a violent farewell.

Learn to be still.  Learn to be still.


Now the flowers in your garden – they don’t smell so sweet, so sweet.

Maybe you’ve forgotten, The heaven lying at your feet.


There are so many contradictions, in all these messages we send. 

(We keep asking) How do I get out of here.  Where do I fit in?


Though the world is torn and shaken, even if your heart is breakin’

It’s waiting for you to awaken, and someday you will.

Learn to be still.  Learn to be still.


Just keep on runnin’.   Keep on runnin’.

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Comment by Mike Rasmussen on August 17, 2011 at 2:05am
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