I am currently doing some market research for one of the Portal Applications I am currently working on  and needed to pick your minds from a Marketing perspective.  Any thoughts, questions would be welcomed.  I am tied to a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) and I can’t get into too much detail.  Here goes..:

What if there was a Global Portal that allowed Recruiters to identify Candidates interested in working in another Country.  Let’s assume the following:

  • Recruiters are only required to:  Search, Identify, Qualify and Upload Resume with 3 References. 
  • Collect a 15% Fee (Could be more) on Candidate’s start date.   Even if the Start date was 4- 6 months down the road.
  • Clients handle closing process right up to start date.  
  • These are Senior Specific roles $100k - $200k 
  • Possibly Thousands of Roles ...
  • It`s Free for Recruiters to Join....
  • One Candidate Submission to One Job Description

a)       How much time would you dedicate to this Portal?

b)       Do you think the Fee is fair for the time investment? 

c)        What would you need to see happen for you to spend more time on the Portal?


I will try to answer all your questions as long as I don’t cross the lines of my (NDA) ...

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Comment by pam claughton on February 17, 2011 at 6:44am

A few thoughts as I read through this:


Why only one candidate submission per job? That's the biggest red flag I see. It seems to be asking  lot of  a recruiter to source and check three references up front on the only submission allowed for a job. The odds just aren't good. If I work a search for instance, I want to at least have 4-5 candidates submitted to ensure that I will fill the role.  In this scenario, the odds are against the recruiter.


Plus, add in that the fee is only 15%.


And, factor in that the market is picking up steam quickly. Who is going to have time to take something like this seriously when they have plenty of their own searches to focus on?


I am one of those who is too busy to do something like this, so am not the target market, but am not sure who would be? A more junior recruiter perhaps? 

Comment by Paul Alfred on February 17, 2011 at 7:34am

Good questions Pam and I really appreciate the response  ...  Let me try and answer these questions:


Keep in mind that:


a) You are competing with other Recruiters

b) This is a global pool which means the Client values each candidate submission ( Candidates Looking to work in another Country )

c) We don't want Recruiters investing too much time away from their main activity - which is why we

look at 1 submission to 1 Job Requirement (Unless the Client needs more candidates per role). 

d) If we can deliver a successful hire quickly for the effort of just: Identifying, Qualifying and Uploading

a Resume ( We could delay the References till later).  This could make Recruiters look at the Portal more seriously - this is why we pull away the rest of the Responsibility from the Recruiter.


e)  What if it were 3 Submissions per role but 3 Submissions from any Recruiter.


f) Also your submission could get Marketed to other Clients looking for similar expertise and you still

get paid for your effort that was made for the original Client.


We are not looking at 15% of $60k - this is 15% of Roles at $100k or more .  


Also  this is a Captive Market where you are not spending a cent to acquire a client as you would

in your Local Market.    Because these are Senior roles you could be rated on the portal on the quality of

the Submission which means a Sr Recruiter might be necessary.


Your questions have been very helpful any additional thoughts are welcome ...

Comment by Jerry Albright on February 17, 2011 at 8:16am
Does the recruiter get to speak with the client?
Comment by Paul Alfred on February 17, 2011 at 8:39am

Thanks for Responding Jerry... 


If the Client indicates an interest in your candidate then you get a Status update on the Portal - we are trying to minimize the need for direct  Communication between Client and Recruiter.  To allow the Recruiter to focus on one task only Identify qualify and upload.

Later versions of the Portal Workflow might allow this to happen if the Recruiter adds an Account Manager this also increases the Fee to the Recruiter but this gets into another aspect of the Portal.


Your additional thoughts are welcome ... 

Comment by Jerry Albright on February 17, 2011 at 8:43am
"We are trying to minimize the need for direct communication between Client and Recruiter" This is where I lose interest.  Sorry.  Just being real here.


Trying to match keywords on a resume to keywords on a written job order is one of the most inefficient ways to make a placement.  Without a (short is OK) conversation with the client you'll be left with recruiters playing a guessing game.

Comment by pam claughton on February 17, 2011 at 8:46am

People that like portals like BountyJobs might find this appealing.  People who are more sourcers than recruiters, who don't like dealing with clients, just finding people.


For this reason, lack of client contact especially, I think it will be a very tough sell to more experienced recruiters. I see it as a drawback, not a benefit that you don't have the client piece, and the fee is really low...but maybe not for a more junior recruiter. I just don't see more experienced people putting much effort into something like this.

Comment by Paul Alfred on February 17, 2011 at 8:52am

You make a good point ... But the incentive to the Recruiter is:

Minimum effort and investment in time to do 3 things (Identify, qualify and upload)

Because a deal could close in 4 months or more.  Its assumed you have fully qualified the candidate.

You are back to what you do everyday and we have not pulled you away from your daily activity

We are not saying that their will be no Communications with the Client ....

The question is would you not prefer a Portal that allowed you to perform 1/3 of the full Cycle of the Recruitment Function and you get paid for making a Quality Submission.

Ofcourse, If you feel Recruiters would want to communicate with Clients its something we can further explore in our ongoing research.... 



Comment by Jerry Albright on February 17, 2011 at 8:59am

There is no such thing as a "minimum effort" candidate introduction.  Your process of evaluation, preparation and closing should always be "maximum effort" - so I disagree with the idea.


Your candidate deserves your full service regardless of whether it's a long shot or not.  Add to this the potential for it to drag out for months - only increases the number of times you'll need to be in touch with the candidate explaining why it's taking so long, etc.  It's just human nature.


And any candidate interested in a new role today is most likely going to be gone months from now.


Where do these clients come from? 

Comment by Paul Alfred on February 17, 2011 at 9:13am

Thanks again Jerry ... 


This is a Portal for Candidates interested in working in another Country  - The Portal would be designed to allow the Recruiter to focus on 3 tasks there will be another service on the Portal that would handle the other task of Closing the Candidate - Again we don't want to pull you away from your main local recruitment ( Bread and butter) activity. This portal is being built by Recruitment Experts so we already understand the full cycle -we don't want Recruiters to be involved in the full cycle.


The candidates you identify would already recognize that this is not a 123 Process remember its work in another Country.  


To answer Pam's question if the fees where flat $25k would that change your mind on the serious of the Client Requirement?


We are trying to look at moving away from working with Global Recruitment Players - and opening it up to Small to medium sized Recruitment Companies interested in getting access to a Captive Market Clients are Fortune 500 & Government Players ...   



Comment by pam claughton on February 17, 2011 at 9:32am
I don't think Jerry and I are your target market. Something like this would never appeal to me because I am a full cycle recruiter. I really don't know if there is a market for this, maybe just for pure sourcer people. Jerry brought up a very good point, 4 months is a very long time, especially if you are not fully involved.


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