Much is good about change I must admit, but with it comes some very interesting tailwinds to your flight pattern.  It can take your best laid course and transform it.  It can add to your plate.  It can take it's course to different directions when a new leader arrives.  It can - and will form new business cultures.

Some may move in a direction that enables the crosswinds of your flight pattern, and staffing flight plan to find a course correction - which is needed of course.  I can't really lay it all into words - nothing in staffing ever surprises me anymore.  It is healthy to re-examine ourselves and our own staffing desk and the affect you can have - proactive efforts might be made in a silo.  Today - we find ourselves battling changes, while still clinging to what has worked and what may not need course correction.  Because we exist in the larger macro-landscape, a new leader, a new process, a new perspective may emerge as you are transforming your own self to keep up with the times.  

What once was in staffing will not always be, BUT one can stay the course in the process that may have worked previous with an eye to the change and a window to the key elements that may for your staffing desk to drive to it's best course and best outcomes.  

I have thought long and hard about what it was that has helped me achieve no matter what when all things seemed stacked, or the deck appeared overwhelmingly at odds against me in the changes.  It is here one must take a step back - come to terms with any changes imposed from either the inside or outside factors.  With this - one can still maintain staffing success even when the powers that be are spawning interesting new directions to which you may have never seen, anticipated, nor ever imagined.  

It is in these course corrections, in these twists and turns in the maze of business life, that change can be overcome, that best practices that brought great results should be maintained and one should forge forward with all they have to get to their desired outcomes.  There will be times when areas one may have never anticipated, where one may not have seen the dynamic shifting to the "place they never foresaw", or where one's greatest intent to bring solid outcomes may not have been realized, or the change point saw a course adjustment so unfathomable as to make you step back and say - "ahh - I can find control of this matter, IF I steadfastly keep my eye on my goals".  

It is when changes come more rapidly than one had perhaps anticipated and where things were strange in the forward going, where there was ambiguity, but one's firm goals not discarded but renewed that change can be brought into the pattern of success, when one moves their victuals to focused outcomes.

I'll admit I have for my entire career despised movers of change, when something was working and someone whom thought they knew better course corrected an environment they thought would be a better fit.  It was there and since that I have learned that nothing should ever surprise us - rather to CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CHANGE is the greatest test of your character.

Let there be no doubt - if in your staffing mindset nothing deters your course, if nothing sways your confidence in the groundwork, in the foundation of your inward commitment, if nothing can beat back your resolve, there will be NOTHING, NOTHING that change can promulgate that will weigh you down, and staffing outcomes brought to bear in the past can AGAIN find traction.

Today more than ever - stand your ground in your staffing endeavors when short minded and short thinking individuals propose a change that you know is wrong.  Further - stand your ground when nothing else matters for success, and your long term vision can be backed up by solid metrics - it is here - when you can solidly storm the bannisters of the change agents and knock down their proposed obstacles with one's commitment and heart to greatness.

This past month of September perhaps marks a mile-stone I have seen more than any other - an offer milestone of the most momentous kind achieving more than I ever realized in my staffing career in one month.  Change agents this month were - folks moving on in their careers from a variety of fronts, folks changing and upping the ante for "success factors" but yet still achieving more than was thought possible - all this - with an eye to the goals at hand, and blessed opportunity that will not be forsaken for the "short term".  Laying the groundwork for success sometimes requires a longer term vision down the way than all others may see.

It is here - where change can be won and fortified for POSITIVE CHANGE, vs. change for the convenience of it.

I can't declare that everything will always be easy in the midst of changing circumstances - case in point - an improving economy means more offers for more candidates, and a reality of competing and fighting for those offers with all we have within, even going to the next level and changing our approach winning the war for talent along the way.

One will find one's goals IF THEY DON'T CHANGE THEIR RESOLVE in the midst of changing circumstances - staffing will always require that long term mindset to win the day.  Even when others are changing the environment, WE CAN CHANGE how we react to it.

And that vision of a firm and harmonious goal outcome is everything staffing is all about.

This post is of my own creation and in no way represents the thoughts, opinions, or views of ADP in any way.  I am solely responsible for it's content.

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