This was the wise advice of an old manager of mine at Solutions Partners a few years back, when the economic circumstances hit close, after my hours were cut when the permanent job orders that were 70% of my employer's business at Solutions Partners became less and less in demand.  It was on a bright and sunny day walking in Los Gatos, with Nathan North who provided such wisdom at the time, and said the economic storm will pass and "When in Doubt: Enjoy the Journey" - I couldn't help but remember this advice as I try and solidify success in daily endeavors when my desk depends on others for success, surely, one thing that comes to be is the knowledge that each endeavor is something that must be learned from, must be sought after, and where good will seize the day.  Carpe Diem.  Enjoy the Journey.  Such wise advice.


It is without a doubt an interesting time, around you daily may be folks losing their perspective on what good there is - and what hope there needs to be.  If success is found it can be found again.  It needn't be overwhelming or lost on our direction.  Challenges are part of the journey, as are fills, submittals, family time, candidate relations, friends, clients, and onward and forward.  Each day one must take stock of the daily goals, accomplish what can be done in the time allotted, worry not about mistakes for they will happen - if your human perfect isn't exactly part of your persona right? 


I can list dozens of moments throughout a day where one could get sidetracked in a mire of self doubt, self absorbtion, and a variety of side tracks from one's set path and goals.  There are those that would say one solution fits all, but there may be needed multiple solutions before breaking down the obstacles that stand in one's way.


Today I stand in a new home, where day in and day out challenges of the utmost caliber are arrayed against my goals, like a legion of anklebiters - that is problems begging for solutions.  Such is staffing, no other realm can take the cake for the people world than staffing, as your day begins you have any number of scenarios - the flaky candidate who had an interview and forgot, the client who interprets something in a certain way, the co-worker depending upon you to deliver.  It goes on and on. 


Taking joy in the journey, a lesson of vast import, continues to be a keen part of staffing.  I remember just getting started in HR at Venturi Staffing, and said incredously to my boss at the time, how can one organize when there are multiple phone calls, and changes to the daily regimen in an instant?  He said to me, well that's staffing - where human beings come into play nothing is static.


Enjoying the journey let's you stay keen on your immediate task at hand - it does not sidetrack.  Some may have an opinion of how the direction should be forged - yet, one clear goal can shine through the darkness and cut through numerous voices that crowd in and around and put information overload on high octane full throttle ahead. 


In such an environment enjoying the journey calmly and keeping perspective is so clearly the powerful direction builder that nothing can stop a goal that has been set keenly and openly - when such a course is set and nothing is taken for granted, the staffing success comes more often.  Being a duck, being a wise steward of time, and knowing where and what gets to the goal - that is the key to success.  Facing life's endeavors with a clear head, and a clear goal, well that to me leads to success in most cases 99.99% of the time.  Enjoying the Journey, is like being at peace with oneself - and such a peace set in the meditation of the writing down of clearly defined goals, and then achieving them with purpose - well that to me is true success in a nutshell.  Mastery of self is mastery of the busy day to day of the staffing professional.  Rome wasn't built in a day - but it did take a committed group to pull it off.  The key to success then - a glass half full and glass half empty mindset that leaves NOTHING to chance - but rather the individual sets the course and pushes forward with sheer determination - on a journey to success others can only dream of.  That's the way I would have it be.

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