Why Does One Recruit? What Joy Comes of It?

At times we may ask ourselves this question.  Why do we recruit?  What joy comes of it?  Why do we do this day in and day out.  What is it that drives those of us whom have chosen staffing as our chosen venture to do what we do?  Well - let me give you 10 reasons.  I was recently out in Silicon Valley again - while there I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing family, friends, and others whom I had come to respect.  Silicon Valley - specifically in San Jose is where I grew up.  I loved living there.  While there recently in speaking with a few friends and discussing new start up ventures some of them were engaged in I became aware of an interesting concept, that of disruption.  I came to ponder what they meant by this term - quite simply it is innovating in such a way as to bring a new product to market that makes your industry even better, or in a Venture Capital sense the investment of time, money and talent to bring to pass a "Rocket-ship" growth.  Ponder this for a moment.  Now review this article which explains a bit more the concept and whom this disruption idea was attributed to then come back and I will go on: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/114125/disruption-silicon-valley...

Clayton Christensen - also a BYU alumnus and innovator in his own right and today a Harvard Professor - used the term to describe a company which builds a new direction, that builds such a momentum as to transform how entire industries do business. A fascinating concept.  So much so that recruiting itself and HR for that matter can learn a lot from it.  My industry that I recruit in - namely ADP is a wonderful organization innovating every day and growing quickly.  We have new entrants into our market place from Silicon Valley claiming to be disruptors and they are backed by Venture Capital Funding, and other areas of interesting momentum.  So let's get to my list - why do I love recruiting and what joy comes from it?  It has EVERYTHING to do with these 10 reasons.

1. Recruiters are Disruptors in our own way.  Let me explain.

Recruiters and Sourcers have a unique methodology which can deliver great talent daily by coming up with new search methods, new talent engagement directions, and other matters that drive interest.  Broadly speaking whenever we target the passive candidate pool and quite honestly target disruptive talent from competitors - we strengthen our own company and drive a movement to find the "Purple Squirrel" candidate that is the Holy Grail of staffing.  Think carefully - how many individuals have been touched by your recruiting venture and how many are driving that talent movement in your company from the recruiting efforts you delivered?  For me it is nearly 500 in a period of 2.75 years.  I created a Sourcing Matrix which listed the Competitors in our space, their movement, where they intend to hire, and where the market is red hot for them, then I go after these competitors in the spaces they hire most, and drive to find the passive talent from them.  This in turn leads to new innovations and growth in my company.  If your competitors are trying to take your talent, well nothing is more sweet a victory then securing talent from them too.  THUS Recruiters are disruptors and that is a powerful place to be.  Nothing to me brings a victorious sense of adding value then building your talent bench from finding amazing people from your competitors.  This means you respect, and ethically go about this, and do all you can to balance the reality that your competitors also need to be respected.  True that.  One major reason I love recruiting is finding great talent from your competitors while still bringing these amazing candidates the realization that - wow that recruiter was different.

2. Recruiters are Innovative in how We Find Talent

The needle in a haystack requires innovative thought on how to find that amazing candidate, how to woo them, and how to build a carrot that helps them stay engaged, want to get involved and fosters new growth and new ideas.  Quite frankly I have that at ADP and in our core values - INSPIRING INNOVATION.

3. Recruiters build economic value for those we hire

Ponder the wonderful outcomes of staffing - lives changed, a business built, a new way of doing business, and new candidates that make you proud to represent these achievers.  Making a match, creating fit, and creating long term quality is a powerful thing in staffing.  The economic value of helping someone achieve a work goal is rewarding.

4. Creating an interview experience that makes candidates LOVE your Organization.

Try with all your heart to build a candidate experience that leaves every candidate loving the organization, wanting to be part of it, and willing to sing your praises to the market-place.  Having helped candidates succeed and even if not a fit giving them the human touch where those candidates tweet, blog, and show much happiness for your organization is truly rewarding.

5. Recruiters are fulfilled by pleasing the difficult Hiring Manager.

How do we feel when a tough client Hiring Manager is so excited about the candidate you gave them that they call the candidate you found the "benchmark" for all future recruiting.  When you build the trust of the hiring manager and make them truly satisfied by solving their problems, there is nothing more fulfilling for a recruiter than that.

6. Others look to you as a Career Counselor

Nothing is more fulfilling then coaching others for success and having them feel so grateful that they are fulfilled by the still human interaction now lacking in our hyper-automated world.  Giving them advice, helping them with Resume/Interview prep, great candidates listen and apply this advice - it is golden to watch and fulfilling to build.

7. Friends for Life

How many of us can say we have built lasting professional relationships that last for years with hired candidates whom then become part of your "extended business family." Humanity is needed - having Friends for Life is a welcome aspect to recruiting when you look a few years down the line and you have made an impact for good in economic circumstances, that is fulfilling.

8. The Joy of Working for a GREAT company

The knowledge that you work for an ethical, sound, and enjoyable company is fulfilling in it's own right.

9.  Working in Recruiting Gets in your System

Nothing is more fulfilling and enjoyable as a Fill/Placement and Offer Acceptance.  Each candidate whom clears the background check and comes aboard after efforts to find, interview, and introduce to colleagues - once a candidate accepts their offer - it is fulfilling to see the hiring managers eyes lift and their passions be rekindled with new ideas to help the new hire feel at home.

10. You Build Lasting Partnerships

You build a powerful network and brand category.  Having done well with good efforts you build those partnerships to help you maintain future strategic pipelining efforts.  Nothing is more fulfilling then knowing you have made a difference.

In so many ways Joy in Recruiting is a wonderful thing.  And these 10 reasons along with Innovation and other steps makes recruiting a great place to be. 

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Comment by Austin Fraser Ltd on June 25, 2015 at 6:58am

A great post Mike; this will be a great motivator for recruiters when things aren't going to plan!

-Charlotte, AF

Comment by Katrina Kibben on June 25, 2015 at 12:26pm

You're so right, this is great. Recruiters forget their bigger value in the world when they're stuck behind a desk or working with a tough hiring manager. Likely true for every field but particularly ours where it's so people focused.  Thanks for posting! 

Comment by Mike Rasmussen on June 25, 2015 at 12:50pm

Thank you Austin and Katrina - I think we all love recruiting for many reasons but for me it is the human element and helping others that I love most.  It's been such a great ride in my recruiting/staffing career to date and more to come for sure as our industry, and discipline in HR/Staffing continues to evolve so too must we. 

Comment by Derdiver on July 3, 2015 at 7:02pm

Great read Mike!  I cannot agree more my friend! 


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