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Recruiting Globally

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your recruitment message could remain the same when sourcing passive candidates from around the world? Life would be much easier…

I say this because I’m currently in the process of researching best practices for sourcing passive candidates. And, in all of my findings it seems that what works for one group of people, may not necessarily work for another. Solution: targeted messaging. I am sure you have heard…


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Reviewing the Basics

Whether someone is just beginning a new job or they have been in the same job for an extended period of time, the person's work drive is usually the same (or at least should be): to excel in that position in order to gain positive experience for a future job or promotion. While I do not pretend to be an expert on the subject by any means, I do think that succeeding in a position can boil down to a couple different variables that an employee can…


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Keeping it Simple

Over the holiday weekend, I offered to open a bottle of wine at my friend's BBQ. As I was shuffling through the drawer to get the cork screw, I noticed a fancy looking electronic toy sitting on the counter. I asked my friend when she had gotten the new gadget and what its purpose was: I found out it was a corkscrew. SWEET! A neat new gadget. Cylindrical in shape and attached to a charger, it was supposed to simplify the wine-opening process more so…


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How Transparent is your Company

By Karen Bucks, iCIMS Blogger

With the memory (not so long-term) of corporate scandal nipping us all in the back, we, the rest of the world A.K.A. the good guys, try our best to show the world our bare bones. What is Corporate Transparency?

Well, according to our good old friend,…


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Wait, what did he just say??

by Karen Bucks, iCIMS Blogger

If I claimed that my middle school basketball skills would qualify me enough to speak freely on the sport itself, then I would be sadly mistaken. So, as I cannot claim to be an expert or an avid sports fan, I must admit that I did not know about this “Letter to Cleveland Fans” prior to my coworker Mike sending it over to…

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Optimizing Efficiency with HR Strategy

We all reiterate to ourselves the importance of optimizing our job efficiency; but it’s always a lot easier said than done. Such a vague demand on ourselves often falls outside of our work comfort zone. Why is that? Well, usually, we all work the best we can; for if we did not already, we would know exactly what needed to be done to increase efficiency. As such, the idea of improving efficiency can be a bit intimidating and stress-inducing. I think the solution is basic and… Continue

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Grappling with the Federal HIRE Act

According to a question posted on SHRM, can companies with a predominantly part-time or seasonal workforce participate in the most recently enacted Federal Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act? SHRM clarifies; the act does in fact cover these workers as it does not specify the amount of hours previously unemployed new recruits must currently work in order to qualify. In the “newness” of the act,… Continue

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Internships: The Good, the Bad and the (not so) UGLY

By iCIMS blogger, Katie Meeker

Somewhere in between cramming for finals and moving out of their dorms for the summer, college students find the time to search for a summer internship. As a former multiple-time intern-er and a current intern coordinator, I thought it might be a good idea to make this post two-fold: 1st part for potential interns and 2nd part for potential organizations looking to recruit…

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Gaining a Competitive Advantage

By iCIMS Blogger, Karen Bucks

I always start off my morning the same: get up, take out/feed the dog (Penny), get myself together for work, pour my cereal and coffee and grab my copy of Entertainment Weekly…I mean the New York Times. Yesterday was no different. Cereal was in place, newspaper was in line. All I needed was my coffee and I was… Continue

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Celebrating Earth Day in Human Resources

By iCIMS Blogger and Intern, Allison Romei

During our celebrations on this very Earth Day, it’s important to explore what major changes and reforms have been made and what lies ahead for the Human Resources Industry. In recent years, companies are making a more conscious effort to help contribute to society. By doing this, they are finding that they are better able to attract top talent, improve business processes and foster a positive brand… Continue

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The World of Sourcing, According to a Recruiter

(By iCIMS Blogger, Annie Hartman)

Sourcing can mean a few different things in an organization, depending on your function. For example, some may immediately think of procurement. However, to a corporate recruiter, a sourcer, or sometimes also called a researcher, is a strategic member of the recruitment team who partners with a full life-cycle recruiter and whose job is to proactively find…

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Training Tomorrow's Talent

Given the current state of the economy, jobs are hard to keep and even harder to get. This is a time when a company's training department can come to the rescue. Often times, when layoffs are prevalent, there are fewer employees to do the same amount of work. When these situations occur, the training department must step up and organize frequent training seminars. This is a great way to train a large group of people in a more effective way.

However, some organizations feel that… Continue

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Social Recruiting and Its Effect on the HR World

As our technologically-advanced recruiting world continues to progress, top talent is more easily accessible than ever before. With the click of a button you can find your next marketing specialist or c-level advisor. Well, that is, if you know where to look.

In recent news, social media sites, in particular social networking sites have seen extraordinary surges in usage levels. According to CNNmoney,… Continue

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Surviving the Day

During a hectic day at work, do you ever find yourself riddled with stress you can't resolve? In earlier years, my sure fire strategy for stress prevention/relief was my very own “Chocolate Drawer” only to be used in dire stress emergencies (of course), well, and as a post-breakfast snack, lunch dessert, and afternoon bite. A work-inhibiting mental block was no obstacle when chocolate was easily accessible. For quite some time, I thought this was a viable option; until I realized that my… Continue

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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

iCIMS is kicking off 2010 with a celebration to shout about. Happy 10th anniversary, iCIMS!

Incorporated in 2000, iCIMS marks its 10th year in business with a tour around the nation starting April 8th in New York City. The celebration will give all attendees the opportunity to meet the iCIMS family and network with other HR professionals to learn the latest in HR technology solutions. The company will visit 8 cities in total. Click on the city name to… Continue

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