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The Mobile Job Seeker

Over the last 12 months I have lost count of the amount of recruiters that have told me their career’s site is responsive which is great but when you actually delve deeper the main thing I have found is very few sites are you able to complete the application process from start to finish on a mobile device. Put yourself in the job seekers shoes how annoying and time consuming it is for you to find that dream job on your device only to find out in order to upload a CV you need a laptop or…


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Storytelling in recruitment

story telling in recruitment

Are you sitting comfortably? then I will begin.

Storytelling for brands and for recruitment has been around for years but social media allows us to have more impact and deliver to a greater reach.

With all this noise, now more than ever recruiters need to consider…


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Employer Branding

Are you looking to develop a recruitment strategy or trying to move over to a direct sourcing model? Then start with your employer brand, as this will impact both.  Lots has been written about who should own the employer brand and whether it should…


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Why Candidate Experience Is Damaging Your Employer Brand

Recently I have been considering whether freelance work is for me or if I would be better to have the security of a permanent role and I thought I would share my experiences.

Having now sat both sides of the fence as a recruiter and now as a candidate I have been shocked that many companies are not making any progress when it comes to the …


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It’s all about who you know – Employee Referrals

Employee referral is a recruitment method used to identify and obtain potential candidates using existing employees’ social networks.

The method is acknowledged as being cost effective for businesses (even though an employer will typically reward the referring employee with a bonus) and quite efficient. And as such, we’re seeing more and more of it…


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Why more recruiters should be using Google Plus

I know it starts to feel a bit overwhelming when you constantly feel like you’re obliged to sign up to the newest social 

networking site in an attempt to stay in touch with social media trends. But let’s…


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Turning a Happy Employee into a Brand Advocate

People trust people. It’s a fact. You can spend millions on advertising trying to persuade people to trust and choose your brand over others, but ultimately your success comes down to people. People and what they say about you. People and what they think about you.

So who are the best people to speak about your brand? Your employees of course!


They are at the heart of your business.

They are your voice from within.

And if you treat them right,…


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Big Data: Is there anything hotter?

Big data really is the ultimate buzzword for 2013 and I am shameless to say that big data really does bring out the big geek in me.

It’s just plain sexy isn’t it? All that swanky data flying about the place, waiting to be caught, analysed and converted into knowledge and return.

According to IBM, every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data – so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. This is a mind-blowing statistic that…


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#TruLondon 7 and my second Tru experience

After taking a few days to recover from the madness that is Tru, here are my thoughts and what I took away. Once again I was not disappoint and spent 3 days in the Tru bubble where I met some really interesting people from across the global.

In an industry that isn’t always that sharing Tru is a truly a collaborative event, which over the last 3 years seems to have built a great ever evolving and maturing community which will hopefully continue to grow and welcome new people in. There…


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Do you really need a degree?

It’s the age-old debate – do you really need a degree to get a good job?

The answer is simple – it depends on what profession you want to enter into and then the question of whether this profession needs a degree is for professional bodies or employers to answer.

But then even if the professionals decide they need or want you to have a degree in their field,…


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Talent Communities: Do recruiters get it?

Let’s start off with first identifying exactly what a talent community is not. There is skepticism around the concept because I feel that a lot of recruiters still don’t actually get it.

A talent community, although it has similar benefits, is not an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). An ATS is a software application that people use to electronically…


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What is Vine and why it was made for recruitment

It’s being labeled “Instagram for video”.

Staying true to Twitter’s micro-sharing style, video length on Vine is limited (6 seconds or less), with use of the app designed to spark creativity via snippets of special moments. Vine says that the video posts are “about abbreviation – the shortened form of something larger”.

The big idea is that…


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Facebook Graph Search for Recruiters

Human beings have two lives – public and private. But in this digital age where we choose to put out private lives in a public space, where do we draw the line?

If you’ve recently discovered that people you’re not even Facebook friends with have seen some of your embarrassing photos from your past, the answer is no, you can’t do anything because Facebook hasn’t actually violated your privacy.

Today the Facebook user is losing more and more control over their personal…


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Jobseekers – Get yourself noticed

Times are tough and if you are a job-seeker you need to get yourself noticed. Almost everywhere you look now there is a graduate with high hopes and quite unrealistic expectations of finding that ideal well paid job when they are fresh out of university in what is a tough economic climate. Although the current market place for jobs for graduates is tough, it is not impossible to succeed in securing that first role, below are some of my tips on how to stand out from the…

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Google+ Communities for Recruiters

I’ve been banging on about Google+ for the last year or so and welcome Google+Communities which was added last week, as I think it is what was needed to make users become more active.

I see it as a great way for recruiters to build niche communities applying the basic of community management. Google+ is already good for sourcing as it has 500 million…


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Social Recruiting Tools

Here are some of the Social Media tools I use and why?

There is no value in data, the value comes from the interpretation of data, and Visibli is an online tool that will help with this. It’s used for real-time data analytics, allowing you to see how many clicks your links have received, who clicked them and how engaged they were, plus it’s fully customisable to agencies, businesses and individuals.



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What experience are your candidates getting?

Nine years recruitment experience has made me sensitive to the struggles of a Jobseeker. All too often I hear about the very lengthy and daunting recruitment processes that follow.

Unfortunately for Jobseekers, clicking the ‘apply’ button for that perfect job can mean being redirected to a site and an application process of 6+ pages to complete; an arguably ‘necessary’ requirement for gaining candidate information.

But are the words ‘lengthy’ and ‘daunting’ really the words an…


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Is it time for Job-seekers to get more creative

With Platforms like LinkedIn and You tube are the days of the traditional CV numbered?

I for one love seeing candidates getting creative when seeking a role. I don’t think this will completely replace the traditional CV but now that many adverts have the apply with LinkedIn button, is it about time the CV evolved into 2012?

With unemployment still at a high in many sectors how can candidates…


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The start up, why it's an exciting place to be.

Having spoken to many candidates and clients over the last 12 months the one thing that really excites me is a start-up story. Both living in Cambridge and watching  “Silicon roundabout” grow it is incredible just how many there are. It was suggested earlier this year by Charles Armstrong  that there are, up to 5,000 technology-focused companies located in east…


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My take on #TruLondon

So I survived my first #TruLondon and can’t wait for the next one, having spent 2 days with an amazing mix of people. They were all full of knowledge along with new ideas and aren't afraid to push boundaries.
The legend that…

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