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How a Big Girl Pill can make you Better at Your Job.

Sometimes things don’t go the way you expected them to. The time, effort and personal investment we put into something that simply ended in nothing more than a simple “that’s it” in the story of life can be an emotional toll. The high you ride when things are great and moving along in the right direction often opens its way to a melancholy state of contentment where you are sure they are moving still – but not sure if its the direction you want to be headed until the anti-climatic end to things… Continue

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The Power of Language - Why 1 word really matters.

We often overlook the power of language. We don’t always appreciate the emotional impact a word can have on the dynamics of a relationship – the way the same word can bring 2 people together, or pull them apart. A single word can evoke feelings of excitement, amazement and anticipation in one and fear, denial and regret in another. The selection of that single word can forever change the path and journey you are taking. We forget that as hard as we try, once said, those words cannot be taken… Continue

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My Letter to Gen X & Boomers: The Debate is about Expectations, not Respect

I’ve been writing, blogging and speaking on Gen Y issues since 2006 when ERE gave me a…


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My Social Networking Manifesto: Why I won't change.

For me, social networking is part of my job. Its a portion of how I brand our business. Its a way to cultivate relationships with partners, clients and influencers. Its how I keep up to date on what other vendors are doing.

It’s also been instrumental in my conversion of my blog from ERE to this fall. It has been through RT’s on twitter and on facebook – that I have met some really smart, interesting people.

On the flip side, if you… Continue

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New Years Resolutions for those of you that use Twitter.

Here are my top 10 resolutions for all the tweeters I know:

1. People – DO NOT put “Please RT” in your tweets. If it is interesting, I will RT. If it is interesting and you ask me to RT, I won’t cause that’s just how I am.

2. The authenticity debate ends. No one is actually authentic unless you see what they do in their own house all alone when no one is watching. You are who you are.

3. #FF AKA #FollowFriday will actually have different people every week. I get it, you… Continue

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The Gift of (Thanks)GIVING

In just a few days we will be joining family and friends to sit around a table and appreciate the many blessings we have. But, what are your REALLY doing to share with others who don’t have as much as you? What legacy are you teaching your children about what Thanksgiving really means? What are you teaching strangers about the gift of giving and random kindness? What are you teaching yourself about not putting yourself first?

Growing up, each and every year we volunteered to… Continue

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How looking back can shape our future

As a society, we are very focused on the future and how we want to shape and change things. We tweet, we blog, we discuss, we meet all about how things ’should’ be. Yet rarely do we (Gen Y) actually take the time to really understand how we got to this point in the first place. We are a generation of thinkers. We are a generation of now. We are a now generation that see’s it isn’t right and just wants to jump in and fix it. We are a generation who (in many respects) doesn’t take the time to… Continue

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Are your dreams meeting with your reality?

(Originally posted on

When I was a little kid, I dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder in my pinstripe suit and stiletto heels. I wanted nothing more than to be toughest, no nonsense attorney in a top law firm and live in a high rise apartment in Manhattan with my CEO husband and our glamorous life of jet setting weekends to Europe and dinner parties with the other fabulous people.

Well, at least that is who I wanted to play on TV. You see,… Continue

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Does our industry REALLY care about Candidate Experience?

I had an interesting conversation with someone following ERE about the lack of innovation in our industry in terms of Candidate Experience. He suggested that if a vendor really cared - they would have someone on staff solely focused on making the technology easier for candidates. After just 1 solid rebuttel's, he stopped the conversation. Cold. Seriously people - you should know by know that I enjoy a good Debate - I learn, you learn, we all win. Anyway...It got me thinking about the conference… Continue

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Want to make Recruitfest Legendary? (For Free??)

Last year, I didn’t go to recruitfest. But I heard about it. A lot. Still do a year later. In the words of Barney Stinson, it was Legend (wait for it) dary.

This year – more legends are sure to be made with an amazing lineup of recruiting leaders guiding us on the journey that is an unconference. No stuffy conference rooms, no hiding in back, no boring powerpoints – just actual learning and interaction While I am excited for everyone –… Continue

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High Unemployment and Technology: A love story

Their eyes met across the room – he was everything she had been looking for: Organized, Responsive to Candidate Needs, Interactive with Her Hiring Managers, Great at managing the recruiting process – even tracked her metrics. She was everything he had been looking for: Someone to give his product a chance.

The time was 2001 – the location was any company in America that was evaluating software. You see, at that time – the “who are your other clients” question was paramount to getting… Continue

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Job Boards Challenging 2Q09 Numbers - Its not the Economy

In a late night posting (10:49 pm) ERE released an article about the financial results of both Monster and Careerbuilder/ Both job boards saw major drops in revenue in the 2nd Quarter - Careerbuilder by an astonishing 31% but still looking better than Monster's 37% drop. On the plus side - even with the loss, Monster still beat analysts expectations.

Want to read…


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Don't know what you heard about me...I'm a P.I.M.P

It's true. I am Sarah White, P.I.M.P, C.I.R, A.I.R.S, B.A and every other thing that ever came along that I can tag onto the end of my name. Over the last few weeks there have been some lengthy discussions amongst my tweeple (those are my people on twitter) about the value of certifications in our industry. I have also gotten calls from people asking me to discuss new certifications they are coming up with. Apparently, now that I have a blog, some… Continue

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Maybe I have a fear of commitment - but....I hate filling out forms

I admit, I have a fear of commitment on so many things and an unwavering loyalty to certain things that I commit to.

Example #1 Commitment Fear – I am almost OCD when it comes to making decisions on no brainer things in my life (at work, no issues w/this – odd? yes) like flavor of ice cream (do I do vanilla, vanilla bean, french vanilla? AND YES there is a difference) where to go on vacation, etc. because I don’t want to commit to any one thing and always be questioning if the other option… Continue

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Revolutionary Road Recruiting

“You want to play house you got to have a job. You want to play nice house, very sweet house, you got to have a job you don’t like.” (John Givings – Revolutionary Road)

I agree, on the surface it is not the most likely of movies that one could relate to Recruiting but I loved the movie Revolutionary Road – I found it to be an insightful and intriguing look at the human psyche. I saw it last night for the first time and will likely watch it again tonight. If you happen to be… Continue

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