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The Social Advantage


I like you, you retweet me, we tell our network about what we’re doing this weekend.  Whether your personal life is scattered over Facebook dashboards or you diligently share relevant articles with your LinkedIn network, social media is an important pillar in today’s communications.  It’s no surprise that it plays an important role in recruiting as well.

Looking for the talent you need will rarely be as simple as waiting for the right applicant to walk…


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The Power of Employee Reviews

When you purchase a product online you probably scroll down to read the reviews before you hand over your credit card info. Does it work as advertised? Did it arrive on time? Is it really that color? We rely on previous customers to guide the way: to reaffirm our judgement or warn us off.

The same is true when job seekers apply…


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The Big Deal About Easy Applications

Have you ever applied to a job and an hour into the thirty question application wondered if it was worth it? Or maybe you clicked apply and were directed to a login screen to find that you’re still three steps away from beginning the actual application.  Did you muddle through? Walk away?  Save it for later?

To employers,…


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The Diamonds in the Rough

Yes, this is an Aladdin reference.  Aladdin was a street rat with a penchant for stealing and adventure … living “in the rough” if you will.  But as it turned out, he had all the makings of a hero, a prince, and a leader.  He was a diamond the Agrabah was lucky to have.

You’re looking for diamonds too – top talent for your open position – and sometimes you…


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Nick Fury's Guide to Assembling Your Team

Nick Fury - spy, former head of S.H.I.E.L.D., and leader of one of the most powerful teams in the marvel universe: The Avengers.  Despite Fury’s closed communication management style (as Tony Stark puts it, “his secrets have secrets” x), he is an impressive recruiter and…


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Stop Waiting, Start Recruiting

Let’s jump to conclusions:  Just because you’re not hiring doesn't mean you shouldn't be recruiting.   

Yep, read it again.

Scenario:  Your A-player decides to move across the country/go back to school full-time/take a year off and you are unexpectedly left shorthanded.  You switch into hiring mode:  write a job…


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Hello-Goodbye: Cutting An Interview Short

This post was originally published on the CareerPlug Blog

Tomorrow one of the busiest hiring seasons begins.  January – the time of new beginnings and that means new job seekers and…


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Reflecting on Your Hiring in 2014

With 2015 only a few days away, many of us are partaking in the traditions of reflection and resolution.  Personally we may reflect upon the major events in our life over the past 12 months – a big move, a new job, an amazing vacation.  But we also inevitably reflect on what we’d like to change and turn that into our resolutions – to…


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My Candidate!: Hiring Lessons From The Hobbit

This post was originally published on the CareerPlug Blog

This past week the final installment of the Tolkien series hit theaters and millions flocked to cinemas to see the conclusion of Bilbo Baggins’ story.  The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies premiered on December 17th,…


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A Parade of Interviews

This post originally appeared on CareerPlug's blog

If you’re lucky, you have a clear, simple hiring process.  Maybe you have steps one through five written out and if you follow through you end up with a great new employee who can be smoothly transitioned into the onboarding process.…


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The Honeymoon Period: Onboarding and Retaining New Employees

This post was originally published on CareerPlug's blog.  

Congratulations on your new hire! The hiring process can be tiring, especially if you don’t have to go through it that often.  But before you get back to business as usual, remember that one stage of hiring a new employee ending means another begins: orientation and onboarding.  Perhaps you think this involves some paperwork and…


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Inspiring Innovation in the Workplace

Recently at CareerPlug we’ve been focusing a lot more on our core values as a company.  Each month we take one of our values and recognize one another for how we are embodying that value in our daily work.  I recommend it – it makes values more than a sign on the wall and allows our team to positively reinforce the work we do.  November’s value is “Innovate &…


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What Makes A Great Manager?

Originally published on CareerPlug's Blog

Well, there are plenty of reasonable and innovative answers to this questions.  Listening to your team and utilizing their creativity and individual talents.  Creating an open dialogue of communication.  Passing the leadership baton so employees have…


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5 Easy Ways To Strengthen Company Culture

This post was originally published on the CareerPlug Blog

Happy Friday!

This Friday we wanted to share a few ideas for strengthening your company culture.  Over this last year CareerPlug has doubled its team, so communicating our values and implementing them into our daily culture has become a top priority for us.

Here are a few tips from us to you:

Communicate Your Core…


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The 5 Questions Interviewers Shouldn't Ask

While interviewing a potential hire is arguably the most important step in the hiring process, it’s surprisingly easy to not get what you need from those precious 30-60 mins you spend with a candidate.  Asking the right questions for the right positions is essential – as a general rule: ask generic questions expect generic answers.  Tailor your questions to be specific to the interviewees experience and the responsibilities they would hold in the position.

As for these questions,…


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