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What Does HR Stand for?

Have you ever been horseback riding?  I am solidly in what can only be considered the novice camp.  The last time I went horseback riding I was matched up with what appeared to be the oldest horse in the stable. The fact his name was “Old Blue” should have been a tip off.  I was joining a group ride, so as we all mounted our mighty steeds I discovered Old Blue only had 2…


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Why Authentic Storytelling Matters for your Employer Brand

Our people are our greatest asset.

We offer great upward mobility. 

We like to work hard and play hard.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrases before.  Honestly there are a lot of us who have uttered them before ourselves.   The thing is, when the phrases are so commonplace and everyone is saying the same things, it strips any real meaning from the…


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The Yelp-ification of Recruiting: Consumer Expectation = Candidate Expectation

Yelp began more than 10 years ago in San Francisco in 2004. Originally an email based referral service built by two former PayPal employees, they made a pivot to the business model we all know in 2005 and became the site for online reviews of stores, businesses and services.  Yelp reviews can now make or break restaurants and shops, and one bad experience for a customer…


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The New Salary Negotiation

Given the transparency coming from companies like Glassdoor and PayScale, the salary negotiation process has been an evolving one.  Once upon a time all of the intel was traditionally on the company’s side of the table.   Unless a candidate had a friend or colleague at the company he did not have access to the range of pay available.    The salaries on Glassdoor are employee…


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Tips for Engaging Tech Talent

When I transferred into Georgia Tech during my undergraduate tenure I had a lot of school slang to catch up on.  My fellow students would talk about having the “word” on different professors/classes.  Although I wasn’t initially impressed because I had Microsoft Word on my computer already, I learned the “word” refers to previous exams on file at the different fraternities…


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3 Simple Steps to Better Job Descriptions

Today’s candidate finding your job description on your company careers page is not going to be their first interaction with your brand.  More than likely that candidate has done some research on you long before they ever make it to the apply stage.  Today’s candidate will dig into your social media accounts to know what the culture is like, they’re connecting with your…


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The Aggregation of Everything.

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge for everyone, as I keep bumping into people who are unaware, but Google personalizes your search results based upon what you click on using browser cookies.  Essentially, if you frequently Google things and consistently look for a Wikipedia article to click on in your results, Google will start to put Wikipedia at the top of all of…


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The #TruSF Recap

Wonder what you missed at #TruSF?  Here's a quick video recap of the event.  Who you missed, what you need to know, and where to find the next event.

Check out upcoming #Tru events at Trumunity

Connect with the presenters:


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Tomorrow’s Recruiting Solutions Today

So I just received my latest cable bill in the mail yesterday.  Yes, the snail mail bill process is a tad old school, but oh well.   Upon opening up my bill I see my previous $100 monthly bill has jumped to $180! My cable bill is bundled with the internet but still, it felt a bit extreme.  Do I really need $2000 a year worth of entertainment that for the most part is…


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The Follow-Up You’ve Always Wanted to Send but Haven’t

Recruiters are the face of the brand to new candidates, protecting the employer brand, outgoing, polite, diplomatic, engaging, and the adjectives just don’t stop.  But I feel safe in saying that if a recruiter’s internal monologue were ever visible the interactions would go from G-rated to ‘R’ pretty quickly.  We all have horror stories of that one candidate.   Those tales…


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#FU Contest Rules



AKA - Our stab at being legal and legitimate.


Contest officially begins when we post the blog on RBC and all entries must be submitted by Friday July 17th at 5PM EST. Winners will be…


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Healthcare Recruitment: Challenges and the Road Forward

Healthcare recruiters face their share of some unique recruiting challenges.  With the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act, recruiters know that they will continue to have an increasing volume of patients coming their way.  With advances in medicine and science, people are living longer than ever before.  Demand is increasing in both volume and…


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Are you #NotAtSHRM15?

If you are like me, and you didn’t make it to this year’s SHRM in Vegas (#NotAtSHRM15), you are still following along on Twitter to see the conversation and glean some insights from those in attendance.  Since it’s not just me, I thought maybe I would throw together a quick list of my favorite tweets coming out of the event. Some of these are insightful, some are irreverent,…


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Data: The Gateway Drug

I find data to be a bit of a gateway drug.   You get a taste of it and you go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole finding both answers to your original questions and finding new questions you didn’t realize you needed resolution for as well.  As I am retiring for the day, I can frequently find myself disappearing into Wikipedia for hours at a time as one question leads to…


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How Is Transparency Changing the Role of Culture?

In the past, when graduates were fresh out of college and just starting to start their careers the extent of their company culture knowledge was really word of mouth. You had to know someone personally.  Parental advice, coaching from an older sibling, and the old college career center were the primary sources of intel.  Graduates heard pointers on how to interview, what to…


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Is Your Talent Analytics Software Really Just an Excel Spreadsheet?

Have you been on Quora?  I’ve been on the site for a few years now but mainly as a lurker rather than actually offering some advice to people.  I get an email from them daily that updates me on a random assortment of topics that I ticked boxes for indicating that I find interesting.  The new Quora member interest page is an infinity scrolling page, and I have a wide range of…


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Why Your Tech Recruiting Isn’t Working

Living in Silicon Valley and working in the world of recruitment, conversations naturally turn how competitive the tech talent market is whenever I chat with my neighbors in the Bay Area.   Julie Cooper writing for BizJournals the other day had a…


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The Problem with Job Boards Is…

Too many unqualified applicants. Poor candidate pipeline. High cost-per-hire.  

Sound familiar? 68% of recruiters have said they are dissatisfied with the job boards they are currently using to post open jobs and recruit talent to their organizations, based on a recent Glassdoor survey.  

Personally I like job boards.  I’ve mentioned this before but I think of…


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Recruiting Daily’s Most Excellent Meme Contest Winners

Thanks for all your entries to Recruiting Daily’s Most Excellent Meme Contest. While in today’s millennial-focused society we’d like to say you’re all winners and give you a little something, our intern screwed up the participation trophy order so we’re going to just offer you a heart felt thanks. 

We spend a lot of time writing blog posts about fixing the problems in…


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Recruiting Daily’s Most Excellent Meme Contest

I love a good meme. For the web savvy out there, I’ve been a meme aficionado since the Know Your Meme segment used to play on the Rocketboom. The flood of memories whether we’re talking about Bubb Rubb and his whistle tips, the…


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