Tough Times Don't Last - Tough People Do!

No matter what your job title, almost all of us have management as a component in our daily routines. The problem is that many of us are knowledgeable in our jobs, but few know how to transform them.
Individuals must analyze and grasp their own ideas and then create a plan to act on them.
Complacency is not an option. Companies will never make improvements unless its employees make conscientious efforts to polish, innovate and reinvent their jobs.

Organizations have an obligation to encourage and empower their employees to reinvent how they perform their daily jobs. Companies should work to preserve an informal environment -- one where everyone can feel comfortable bringing their ideas to the executive table.

Within every organization lies another innovative solution -- one that both preserves and improves upon processes. Most importantly, innovative ideas often come from the staff, not top executives.
For instance, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was created by a sales rep – not some executive think tank or Research and Development team. One sales rep made a HUGE impact on the Kraft companies. One sales rep made the difference, and presumably made a handsome financial gain by it!

The story goes like this:
“During the Great Depression, the Kraft Company tried to market a low-priced cheddar-cheese powder, but the public wouldn’t buy it. It was a failure. One single sales rep, looking for a way to unload his allotment of the stuff, added individual packages of the cheese into boxes of macaroni. He then offered grocers the opportunity to sell them as one item, which he called Kraft Dinner. When the company found out how well they were selling, it made the dinners an official part of its product line.” (“Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got” by Jay Abraham)

No matter what your job title, right now is the cornerstone moment for you to make a difference. Only you can chose to make outward thinking an inherent part of your daily routine. You are responsible for determining what can be done better, faster, more efficiently.

Who knows, just like the Kraft sales rep, you may be the one to develop your companies next innovation -- one that will make you and your company millions.

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