Are you really any good at sales? Getting to know you...

How can sales professionals move prospects to a yes?

The key to success lies in their ability to influence. Think about it, if you’re a natural at influencing people then you are likely to blossom in the field of sales.


Influence is the process in which one changes another person’s behavior. When presenting a product or service we must first create an offer that will capture the prospect. When we pitch our case in an influential manner, we find ourselves closing a majority of our sales. When we have no influence over the prospect, we often times find ourselves closing little to no deals.

My advice -- enter the sales situation with the intent of helping rather than getting help. If you are seen as assisting the prospect it will create an obligation that the customer will find difficult to ignore. Offer your help and then ask them questions. Let them control the situation so that they feel dominant in the process. Once they have their confidence level up you must then revisit how you can help them with your product or service.

Not only must we reiterate how we can help the prospect (by referring to points the prospect made while you let them answer your questions) but we must wrap up our offering with credibility. Customers are more likely to say yes if they view the sale rep as having credentials in what they do. Don’t offer up some generic statement like, “I can help you” and then have nothing to back your words up. Create and maintain credentials to support your offer to help.

What credentials should a sales rep have?

Credentials can come in an array of items – reference letters form clients of similar nature to your prospect, articles written and published by the sales rep, the reputation of the firm your represent, the accolades your firm has been awarded. When a sales rep offers assistance and backs it with credibility…the prospect will feel more comfortable saying yes. We all like to be helped but in the prospects mind he/she wants help from a rep they can trust.

Make your customers and prospects feel comfortable with you as a person. If they know and like a rep then the customer is more likely to respect you and ultimately say yes.

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