So here you are, in the midst of a down economy. The question, what now?

I tell you it's all about how much passion you deliver on a daily basis, it is the epic defining moment for a professional to add value and build rapport that unearths a deepening resolve to find the quality that is needed. Can you make a difference? Absolutely.

Can you build a new direction? Absolutely.

Can you become competitive when all around you says that this is a time where business is in the doldrums and there is no opportunity? Everywhere you look at this moment there are voices saying that this is an economy that is going nowhere, it is stagnant, it is different.

These voices come from those saying no, but there is a chorus and a need for voices to say yes. Never at any time has this been more critical, more important and more defining.

I see an opportunity the likes of which will build a career for years to come. It is a moment that yeilds the most interesting results. Where your career goes from here, today, is up to you. No one but you knows what you are innately capable of. Can you find the inward momentum needed to rise to the occasion? Where the rubber meets the road, where the engines are all fired up to build maximum success?

Success is there, even in a down economy, relationships matter, who can open the doors for the future? Who can propel you to maximum success? You.

Everything you do leaves an indelible impression, everything you do reflects your character, indeed nothing is more important than knowing inwardly where you can find the maximum efficiency, luck and momentum that is hiding deep down within.

I am so confident that doors will open when the timing is right. You have to be in the right place at the right time. Nothing can take away from you your passion and inward resolve to build the bridges that last.

It is time to see that the rubber meets the road, when you deliver on your promises, find inward fire to succeed again and muster up the courage to go from good to great.

The race does not go to the swift or the strong but to those who endure to the end. We must win the race, we must give with all of our might.

The doors are ready to open. Where do they lead? Where does passion stem from. Going from good to great is all about your ethics, your stamina, your kindnesses to others. We are the sum of our patient direction. I resolve to be better than the day before, to lift my team on my back and take us the rest of the way as far as my strength will allow.

When the rubber meets the road, when everything says no, this is the time of greatest opportunity, where does the road lead when passion is at your back and the sales are full to their proper extension, that is success, when you roll up your sleeves and get back to work by putting others to work, nothing could open more doors then a passionate hopeful refrain. The opportunity never looked better, you just have to know where to look, deep down within, and being in the right place at the right time when the economy roars back strong will help you ride a wave onward to success if you let your inward resolve carry you there. Bad economy or no, the voices inside saying yes are the most powerful possessions we have. Don't turn your back in the midst of challenge, that is the time when character shows up in its most powerful moment, that is the time to be a forward thinker to go the whole distance and not just half. There are no shortcuts to success, only a steady stream of patient inward focus that is the source of true hope.

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