How can my golf swing teach you a lesson in your career?

I can recall the time that I took up golf lessons with a local pro. During my lessons she taught me how to properly grip the club and swing through the ball. It felt terribly awkward but she told me it is only because I had been holding the club improperly for years. I remember her saying, keep practicing and in time your new sing will feel natural.

For several weeks I stuck with the grip and swing that the pro had showed me. My swing still felt uncomfortable and there were no immediate improvements. Frustration set in. I began thinking to myself, why am I not getting any better?

Well, it only took a matter of weeks before my stubborn tendencies took over. I went back to my old grip and swing because it just felt more comfortable. With my comfort came my standard below average results.

A month later I went back to the driving range. I made a decision to dedicate myself to the pro’s instructions – practice, practice, practice. It took several weeks of hitting balls on the driving range but sure enough, my new swing became second nature…it now felt comfortable! Consequently my golf game improved by leaps and bounds.

So why am I telling you about my golf swing? Because we all have our own comfort levels -- whether it be swinging a golf club or executing our jobs. The lesson to learn here is that when we take time to do things right -- no matter how awkward at first, practicing it over and over, it will become second nature and deliver better results.

Sometimes doing what feels most comfortable ultimately produces little success…in our golf game and in our careers. So I challenge you to work on your game – game meaning career in this case.

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