There is currently a recruitment technology revolution happening. As technology has become more affordable, businesses of all sizes have begun using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline their recruitment process.

Of those that use an ATS to filter CVs, we have seen that roughly 80% of businesses are able to fill their job openings this way. If your business is considering an Applicant Tracking System, you may be surprised to know that although it bears some cost, it may be greatly offset by savings on recruiting costs.

Here are five reasons companies are choosing Applicant Tracking Systems:

Dealing with the Volume of Applicants

Do you have too many CVs to sift through without any measure of quality? A good ATS will filter out the non-starters and leave you with a significantly smaller amount to evaluate.

Helps Assure Compliance

If your company is required to keep an applicant log that shows data for each job applicant then this is made simpler with an Applicant Tracking System which tracks the data needed and can generate the required reports.

Helps Prevent Legal Action

Applicant Tracking Systems pre-screen CVs based on specific job qualifications so there’s no human bias possible. This can help prevent or stop hiring discrimination. If there is a complaint made, use of an ATS can validate that candidates were filtered through the applicant tracking system and it was based on lack of qualifications alone.

Save Time and Money

Sifting through a high volume of CVs for each job posting can take a full week of work. The time savings from Applicant Tracking System automation alone can more than make up for the cost of investing in the software or app accessibility.

Builds a Talent Pool

When posting a job, you’ll often get a huge volume of responses. The Applicant Tracking System will cut these down to those qualified for the specific position. Once you trim these down a little further to the most qualified, you can then find someone to fill the position. But those other highly qualified applicants that you didn’t decide to hire go into your recruiting pipeline. This can shorten your recruiting time on future job openings.

If you’re considering an Applicant Tracking System for your business for these or any other reasons, consider Talent Match. We can streamline your recruiting process, saving you time and money.