Day all my candidates got rejected in the interview - Shocked up for me

Hi ,

I had a challenging time in my work as all my candidates whom i sourced and put to tech.panel got rejected ,it was some thing like loosing a battle,skill was not a hardened skill SQL Server Developer but it is not 1 or 2 all my 10 candidates got rejected,it was shock for me

I want to know your experience how you guys handle whole crowd of candidates getting rejected, i felt really bad......

Share your thought


Balaji Govindarajan

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Comment by Paul Alfred on September 29, 2010 at 10:53am
Balaji, .... You should have stopped once your second candidate got rejected - that only says that you are not on the same page with the client. That is the time you say lets meet get some notes and go over what was missing in the submission .... And a panel set up for a SQl developer ... Crazy ...
Comment by Sandra McCartt on September 29, 2010 at 12:21pm
If all your candidates were rejected it sounds like they were all on the same level with the same skill set. I would suggest in the future to present several at different levels with more experienced and perhaps more expensive being last. I would be more concerned that i did not have feedback from the client as to why they rejected candidates. Either you did not do enough fact finding to begin with or your client is not telling you what they really want. If you qualifed by salary range you may have to work with them to make them aware of the salary range for the experience they want.

What did they tell you as to why they rejected your candidates?
Comment by Matthew Stedman on September 30, 2010 at 4:40am
Clearly aren't on the same page as the hiring manager.... or the person conducting the technical tests had the wrong test in front of them and was testing them on C# questions???

For 10 candidates to be rejected for 1 position I would say this was beyond disappointing - its a disaster! Personally I would never send more than 3 candidates for a position anyway - the 3 best candidates with the rest as back up!!
Comment by C. B. Stalling!! on September 30, 2010 at 3:20pm
never never send in 10 candidates. I tell my clients I am going to pick the top 2 or 3.

If for some reason no one is picked which I am on a 2 to 2 ratio right now. For ever 2 interviews i sent up 1 gets an offer.

If no one is hired I ask the manaer when i sent up the next round of interview what are you hoping to see in the new candidates that you did not see in these 2?
Comment by Balaji (Bob) on December 12, 2010 at 12:06am

Hi All,


Thanks for sharing your views

I went back to the technical panel on asking about this situation,what they want is totally different then what they gave as job description and they felt that i was aware of it since the jd was changed in a last minute.I said boss,this purely communication problem lets start solve this one and rest i take care...

  Later i sat with them to get all info what is need and confirm,hey this is the skil you need, i get you ,no changes right.Then in another 3 hrs i gave them ASP.NET developer of which 5 resumes and 3 got cleared and joined immediately


One question pops here of changing job description of 11th hour /last minute how much damage it cost recruiters,some times his career because of technical team...


Your experiences any on this...



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