is recruiting a full time occupation or do people ...take up other business's kind of franchising into other services industry ??

given the above context ....i would like to understand what is a viable business or business model,

am told many or most recruiter's in the guild or forum ...engage in activities other than recruiting or sourcing of candidate's ....

how ethical is or should be a recruiter' ....what drives a business model ??

does or can sourcing of a air-hostess , a recieptionist or a model for a PR activities fall in the same legeau??

scope and potential for the industry ?? ...given the classification of a blue collar job or a white collar job ??

a recruiter or placement or sourcing industry as such needs ...practicially to be adept at understanding a clients ...industry or segment to which the organization cater's ??

does a wrong placement ...or a misplaced ...candidate tarnish the profile of both the agency or the recruiter or the middle man as also the individual placed or sourced for a role.

In the context ...scope of a manager/managability ...organizational , social and individual behavioural science's that effect not only the mindset of a recruiter ....that can percolate to candidate being sourced or
candidates being placed ??

understanding atmospheric or environmental pollution in the context of a right or a wrong candidate being sourced in to a organization or the inability of a candidate to assimlate himself into a client organization,
also the level or hierarcy at which such a candidate walks or placed in a client organization??

costs ....stakes ...involved ?? ...the myth's of sustaining or surviving in a industry with cut throat competition ....does group insurance or group insurance ...define the gamut or the corporate games viz. dummy entities floated to make a buckling ...out of run of the mill!!

the context of contention is screen through a list of candidates painfully ...doing a series of interview's/shortlisting the end of the day you are not the judge ...the candidate forwarded to the client ...may or may not make it ... when working as a organized lot or as a big organization with ability to have account management or client servicing ...where the client fee's include or cover these cost's working as a individual or independent recruiter's ...competing with corporatized form's do or how would one sustain!!.

without any guaranteed or commitment from a client is presumed many recruiter's vie for the same role to be filled in??

even in the corporatized forms of associates ...viz. group insurance ...gimmicks ...i am still quite not convinced ...about the viability or sustainablity ....while i have larger or other interest's with reference to business.

all view's are welcome.

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Comment by Jerry Albright on June 10, 2009 at 10:36am
Wow. Nice list of thoughts Ravi. Since I can't really tell where you're going with this - let's just start with the title question: Is recruiting a full time occupation?

Yes. Not only is it a full time occupation - it is really one of those careers that swallows you entirely. You don't just switch back and forth. For me there is no on/off switch. I am a recruiter - therefore I am.
Comment by pam claughton on June 10, 2009 at 12:11pm
This is a generalization, but what I've seen is that people who are successful in recruiting do it full-time. People who dabble in it and also do other things, tend to be less successful, at least with the recruiting aspect.
Comment by Slouch on June 10, 2009 at 12:22pm
iI agree with Pam. It has to be a full time commitment otherwise it won't work out.
Comment by Thomas Patrick Chuna on June 11, 2009 at 7:59am
Full time.. I've done it part time and less than part time, which is much harder..for me anyway..

BUT, if you get a buzz from creating opportunities where there was none before, it's not work. You'll want to devote as much time to the craft as you can.


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