What kind of career is recruitment for heavens sake! Anyone can do it..

Is it me or is the world mad? How many untrained recruiters does it take to change a light bulb..... too many to count, they just haven't a clue! Trouble is, they don't even know it...

Its getting to that time of the year when I like to review my experiences in the world of recruitment. Thankfully Im blessed to have a highly trained group of professional recruiters around me but I have to say that my contact with some in the industry beggars belief. When did it become possible for someone to wake up in the morning and say "I think I want to be a recruiter" and never go on a training course but just get on with it in their merry little way - causing loads of grief for those following on behind.

Now Im not suggesting we all need to get a qualification, god only knows there's enough people waving some form of recruitment certificate or diploma in front of our faces, I mean proper training - maybe we need an academy? One of the leading recruitment trainers I know has floated the concept and If I wasn't so busy I might well have been pushing that idea forward with him. Its just mind blowingly obvious that recruitment needs to raise its game. If you need some ideas on whats good practice visit Want to be a Big Biller?

On a happier note.... all the folks at CNA Executive Search are delighted to see the recruitment world catching their breath and wondering what the hell to do in a recession. Yes a recession! Don't know what to do in a recession? Get training or give up!

Seasons Greetings

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Comment by Slouch on December 1, 2008 at 8:56pm
Hey gavin, I would hate to think the only reason you wrote this was to plug your site but I think that what makes this business great is that you can wake up in the morning and say I need to make some real money so I will become a recruiter.
Comment by Dan Nuroo on December 1, 2008 at 9:42pm
Recessions and Downturns do tend to get filter out the cowboys (no offence to anyone in the beef business). When there is "easy" money to be made, everyone wants in, 'twas the same during the wonderful dotcom days, however, when that BURST, the quality remained mostly. That said... when I was in the agency world, I was thankful for the "cowboys" at times, as they made me look good as a professional Recruiter.
Comment by Gavin Chase on December 2, 2008 at 7:04am
JD, there will always be an element of promoting Want to be a Big Biller? as it is a social network for recruiters hoping to raise their game. It not a money making machine for me although Id be lying if I wouldn't want it to be in time. Its just a good resource and Im sure there are many more for the recruiter. I just think that entry into a highly skilled industry needs careful planning and some training, even if self teaching from DVDs. Make a buck, no problem, but for gods sake do it to the best of your ability by learning from others with experience.... ooh, I'll just go fly a plane full of passengers as it pays well. Just wouldn't happen.


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