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6 Tips to Find the Best Big Data & Analytics Jobs

If you are seeking career opportunities in big data, there are chances you will find an overwhelming number of jobs out there. What’s more complicated is to find the right job in the right sector that fits you among the wide range of alternatives.

There are numerous Big Data jobs in almost every sector – from government, farming, information…


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Careers That Offer You the Freedom and Flexibility That a Desk Job Doesn't

An office job isn’t for everyone. You may be looking for a career that will provide you with enough income to support your family but that won't require you to be stuck behind a desk every single day. Fortunately, there are plenty of different jobs available. Here are four careers that will offer you the freedom and…


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4 Safety Issues Construction Workers Need to Be Aware of on the Job

As one of the most hazardous occupations in the nation, construction work can involve many different types of dangerous situations for workers on a daily basis. Though most employers make safety a top priority for their workers, that is not always the case. Because of this, workers…


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Achieving Work-life Balance in Private Equity Jobs

Achieving work-life balance in financial careers seems to be a dream, at least for the juniors there. Most of the finance graduates are attracted by high-paying financial jobs like private equity jobs, investment banking, or venture capital.

Though the career is more promising, the main drawback is that they are gradually losing track of their other aspects of lives. They feel they are becoming slaves to their…


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International Women's Day 2021

Today, March 8th marks International Women’s Day – a global day celebrating women. This is a day to celebrate and praise the achievement of women, to raise awareness about women’s equality, raise money for female-focused charities and push for gender parity. The first gathering for International Women’s Day was WAY back in 1911, this empowering movement has been going strong for well over a century! YES today is a today to celebrate all things women…


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How To Find A Job On Indeed


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When a Job in Construction Is Right for Your Lifestyle

If you haven't found the right career opportunity for yourself yet, you may want to consider a job in the construction field. Many who work in this field started out in other career fields and just felt that something was missing. If this is you, here are some key indicators that…


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How to Step Up Your Career Ladder in M&A in 2021

Working in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) is challenging as it puts you at the core of finance, unlike any other position. You will be exposed to industry expertise and seniority level at the beginning of the career in M&A. M&A refers to a business strategy where purchasing or combining of companies occurs mainly to save costs, witness expansion, and improve capital, among other objectives.

Generally, companies engage in M&As for revenue synergies, cost synergies,…


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4 Active Job Options That Give You a Chance to Help People Every Day

For some people, sitting behind a desk is a boring and dull way to make a living. If you crave a more active job that also allows you to take pride from helping others, there are several career paths that may be a good fit for you. Here are four of the top job options that will…


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The Upsides of a Private Equity Job

For people looking to work in finance, careers in private equity are a popular option. The chance to work closely with companies, evaluate investment and acquisition targets, learn closely about how businesses function, and earn great salaries in a prestigious, high-flying profession attracts the best candidates each year. These flock to apply…


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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Career in a Hazardous Field

Although they are challenging, hazardous careers are vital to maintaining a healthy and stable society. Therefore, if you've chosen a career in a hazardous field, you can consider yourself a hero. Even heroes, though, need some basic information to ensure they're well-prepared for…


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Ways to Engage Your Remote Workforce

The pandemic has compelled many businesses to opt for a remote workforce. However, as the organizations make the shift to remote work, they are facing many challenges in communication and trust-building leading to employee turnover.

Employee turnover is indeed costly and reports suggest that 20% of employees leave within the first 45 days of…


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Sustainable Jobs: What Opportunities are There for People Coming Out of the Armed Forces?

The public is growing increasingly aware of the environmental crisis we are facing and the responsibility we have to control our future and slow down the progression of climate change. As a result of this, more people are looking for a career in a sustainable role. Finding a job like this, which is within the area you are interested in, is not easy. For workers before us, they would take whatever job they got without thinking about their ethical or personal opinions.

But what is the…


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Interview Scheduling Email: Top 6 Mistakes You Must Avoid for the Best Candidate Experiences

At the stage of interview scheduling, you are close to one of the most important steps during the hiring procedure. However, your interview scheduling email is always the first impression on candidates, so neglecting meticulousness when scheduling interviews via emails never sounds…


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Well-Paying Jobs That Can Be Easy to Get

The hardest thing about switching careers is finding a job. The thought of starting over and going through the same struggles is scary. Luckily, you don’t have to do that. Some high paying jobs are easy to get as long as you train for them. They include:…


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5 Industries That Welcome Temporary or Seasonal Employees

Temporary or seasonal work allows you to only have to commit to a specific job for a short period of time. These types of jobs can be very beneficial for those that move around a lot, want to try a variety of different types of jobs, need a temporary side job, or just don’t want to…


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The 10 Basics of Writing a CV - To Help You Land Your Next Career.

A CV commonly contains the following information:

  • Contact information or resume header
  • Education
  • Relevant experience
  • Research interests
  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • Honors and awards
  • References
  • Professional…

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How to Land a Private Equity Job

 Private equity is a dream career for anyone in finance. It might not be as challenging as the Olympic games, but getting into private equity is certainly a formidable feat, that too right after under graduation.  

 So how do you do it? 

The Traditional Path  

 There are rare chances that private equity firms will hire you as an undergraduate. Most undergraduates are hired for investment banking roles, preferably for investment banking…


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Is My Job One of the UK’s Most Dangerous?

Most of us work in comfortable 9–5 office jobs where the biggest risk to our health is spilling hot coffee on our lap or getting a papercut. Although all jobs have their own sort of stress, there are some that can risk workers lives.

The International Labour Office (ILO) estimates that there are around 2.3 million workplace fatalities and 340 million injuries every year — that’s 6,300 deaths every day. Here, we take a look at the world’s most dangerous jobs in the UK.



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Using Social Media to Enhance Your Career Prospects

Social media has been a world-changing phenomenon. Before Facebook’s founding in 2004 there was the likes of Bebo, Faceparty, and MySpace. However, the last 10 years have seen a huge spike in both users of social media and reasons for using it. In 2019, there were 3.486 billion active users on social media, equating to nearly half of the entire population having a social media presence. This was up by nine per cent since January 2018. But, with a lot of the world currently on lockdown due to…


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