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Where to Invest: Top 3 Investments to Protect Yourself Against Inflation

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and stocks have become popular forms of investment in recent years, but they might not be the best option during an economic downturn. People are looking for more tangible and traditional types of investment that bring them a sense of security and stability that will help them weather economic storms.

Long-term investment…


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How the Oil & Gas Sector Can Manage Employee Welfare

As well as dealing with increasing scrutiny regarding their impact on the environment, the nature of the Oil & Gas sector means that employee welfare is something that must be at the forefront of an organisations thoughts. The industry can take its toll on both the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, and in 2021 there was a rate of 317 injuries per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers. With this in mind, what…


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Highway Codes Around the Globe

The Highway Code is constantly being updated to make motorists and pedestrians safer, but a survey by the AA revealed that 61% of drivers had not read the new updates. These changes to the code came as recently as January 2022 while the survey was released in September.

Drivers and motorists would do well to keep updated to avoid any unexpected fines that could come from not being aware of the rules and laws of the road. Especially…


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Building Back Better – How The French Restaurant Industry Needs To Recover From Pandemic

The restaurant industry is a cultural cornerstone of France and a major part of the country’s identity and, as a result, the coronavirus pandemic caused significant disruption to businesses – with one region reporting an 86% reduction in revenue in 2020.

And while patrons are now able to…


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Why Working From Home Doesn’t Have to Mean A Full-Time in Your Bedroom

The rise of working from home has been less of gentle integration and more of an unprecedented boom. A study from the Office of National Statistics found in February 2022 that 84% of workers planned to carry out a mix of working in the office and at home in the future. This was even after working from home was a requirement due to world…


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Ways to Find Employment in the Construction Industry

The construction industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities for those with the right skills and training. If you're thinking about a career in construction, you may be wondering how to go about finding employment. In this blog post, we'll offer some tips on how to find…


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First it was The Great Resignation. Then came Quiet Quitting. That’s the latest career trend circulating on social media.…


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Sometimes, you may wonder why your job search efforts are not producing results as fast as you expected. Though the competition may be fierce, never lose sight of the fact that there is a fulfilling job waiting for you. It’s a question of finding it.…


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Tips for Finding Construction Jobs

Construction is a booming industry. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, there are many opportunities for finding work in construction. However, with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start your search. …


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How to sell yourself in a job interview

Having presentation or interpersonal skills is not the same as knowing how to sell yourself in an interview. If you do not know how to sell yourself, you can’t help prospective employers. Plus,…


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As an accounting graduate, you have broader choices and specific paths to follow with your career.

Accounting requires a wide variety of skills when it comes to business and that is why every company has an employee who is an accounting graduate. The…

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Clarity is coming for jobseekers in some states as new laws go into effect requiring certain employers to provide salary ranges to candidates in the job posting or during the interview or salary…

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Generation Sustainability: How Gen Z is Influencing Green Business Operations

The UK has become more environmentally conscious in recent years. In fact, the global pandemic encouraged people to become more sustainable, and 36 per cent of consumers report supporting companies that are environmentally friendly. But where do Gen Z fit into this?


Reconomy, a leading supplier of sustainable waste…


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New Highway Code: How to avoid being Fined?

Earlier this year, the Highway Code was updated; and with it, there have been a variety of changes to pre-existing rules that motorists are to oblicated to follow. Despite this, AA Accident Assist had conducted that discovered that only…


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The Challenging Role of a Woman Working in the Construction Industry

It’s no secret that the construction industry is male dominated, with a staggering 99% of on-site construction workers throughout the UK being male,  compared to just 11% of women accounting for the entire construction workforce.

But what does the role of an on-site female construction worker entail in such a male-dominated profession, and what challenges can be expected?

Here, we…


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The Future of Warehousing: Automation, Robotics, and Energy Efficiency

The rise of e-commerce is underway and impacting our highstreets – even before the rise of Covid-19. Due to the pandemic, the shift from physical shops towards online spending has accelerated by an average of five years. In 2020, 87% of UK households made purchases online and…


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Side Jobs for Nurses Who Need a Little Extra Cash

Whether it's that you need a little extra comfort in your insoles or a little extra rest before a long, 12-hour shift, it's always nice to have extra. This is especially true as it relates to money. If you're looking for a side job to earn a little extra cash, consider some of the…


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Manufacturing Jobs You Can Apply For and What You Need to Do It

Manufacturing is one of the most prominent industries in the United States and provides a stable income in which you can support your family. If you have what it takes, manufacturing is a highly lucrative career path that gets better yearly. The trick is knowing what manufacturing…


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Smart Factories: The Fusion of Manufacturing and Digital Innovation

‘Smart factories are revolutionizing manufacturing.’ That’s the claim of many tech and industry experts who believe that optimising the manufacturing process to create an integrated and collaborative process will bring about the world’s next industrial revolution. But what are smart factories and how do they affect how we work?

Here, we some insights from umbrella manufacturer, Fulton Umbrellas, we take a look at smart factories more…


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LinkedIn: The Do's and Don'ts of How To Set Up Your Profile

Employers look at your LinkedIn profile all of the time. They scrutinise and evaluate your profile at any given moment. If you’ve just applied for a job, an employer will be digging for dirt. And with private browsing mode, you may never be aware they were even on your profile.

So, of course, it’s essential to not treat your LinkedIn as a social media profile.

Martin Bate is the Head of Permanent Recruitment at Orion, experts in specialist recruitment for…


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