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Do you job postings suck? Here's how to fix them with Guest Katrina Kibben

Hey, hey yea you...Do your Job Posts Suck?

Welcome to Episode 4 of the 10 X Candidate Experience show.

I’m your host Jeff Weidner and today we have an incredibly talented guest who has Mastered the Art of rewriting job posts and recruiting emails. They can teach your team how to write more effective copy that interrupts and fully engages your candidate audience so you…


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Low Volume Recruiting Strategies using employer branding and recruitment marketing

Welcome to Episode 2 of the 10X Candidate Experience Show

My Guest today is helping a lot of people with their mental health. He is a Director of Employer branding at LifeStance Health which is a national mental healthcare…


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Best Practices in Employer Branding Episode 1: 10X Candidate Experience by Popmix Media Host: Jeff Weidner Guest: James Ellis

Episode 1: 10X Candidate Experience by Popmix Media 

My first guest is truly one of a small handful of thought leaders in the Employer Branding space. Before falling in love with the art and…


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Can Companies Really Recruit on Autopilot?

I’ve had this nagging question that I’m hoping to get answered.

Do AI Recruiting Platforms really work? I’ve been in talent acquisition for over 20 years and there’s no way a freaking chatbot can do what I do.

But can it make me more efficient at what I do every day? Can it take some…


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Your Candidate Apply Process SUCKS. Here's How to Fix It.

Most people in talent acquisition do not understand that there is a huge drop off from the time the candidate finds the job on a job board to the time they click the apply now button and land on the company’s career website to fill out the application. I’ve spoken about in at least…


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Recruiter's Guide to Personal Branding on Linkedin, YouTube and TikTok


Hey I have a quick question for you? How do people know what you do, what you stand for or what you are “known for”? Content Creation for personal branding helps you interact with your audience in a way that helps you become a familiar face.…


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Recruiters: Here’s Why You Should be building your Personal Brand on Social Media?

Today on the Speaker Agenda Show we’re going to be discussing How to build a strong personal professional brand on social media and What are the biggest mistakes and how to avoid them.

I have Gina Riley a Career Branding Coach at Talent Group and she helps people identify…


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How to amplify your candidate phone screening process to make more hires.

E3S2 : Guest Nick Livingstone from

 Initial Candidate phone screens are one of the most important parts of the entire recruiting process. Candidate phone screens and hiring manager job requirement intake meetings are critical to filling the job with the right candidate. But let’s face it…


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Will Voice Technology Work for Talent Acquisition?


Episode 2 Season 2

Guest Gordon Collier Will Voice Technology work for Talent Acquisition?

Last Week I had…


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alexa Does My Company Need a Voice Technology Strategy for Talent Acquisition?

Episode 1 Season 2

Guests: Susan and Scot Westwater from Pragmatic.Digital

Voice Technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are being touted as the “next big thing” and businesses are being encouraged to leverage Voice or miss out big. Similar to how the smartphone changed how the world interacts with digital content, Voice has already begun to…


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2019 Talent Acquisition Year in Review

Episode 12

Guest Shannon Pritchett from CareerXroads and I talk about the most influential technology to hit talent acquisition in 2019. We also make some predictions for 2020.

Join CareerXRoads



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The Best Candidate Assessments for Making Top Hires.

Episode 11

Guest Markellos Diorinos from

There are lots of pre-hire candidate assessment tools on the market right now. Companies can assess a person’s cognitive skills, intelligence, personality traits and the list goes on. How do you know what type of test you should use for a category of jobs or…


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A poor candidate experience is destroying your Consumer Brand! Or is it?

Episode 10

Guest Kevin Grossman

A poor candidate experience is destroying your Consumer Brand! Or at least that is what the Employer Branding Experts would like you to think. Obviously there are a lot of variables that go into calculating the impact that a poor candidate experience may or may not have further…


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Data-Based Decisions, Workforce Analytics and Talent Insights

Episode 9

Guest Michael Beygelman

According to McKinsey & Company, companies are 33% more profitable when teams are more diverse. 44% of surveyed HR leaders said that employee engagement was their top priority as per a 2018 Cascade HR survey and 73% of candidates are passive job seekers according to a TalentNow survey.

And while those are all fascinating stats. Do you know what to do with that information? How does knowing that information help your…


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Programmatic Job Ad Trends & How They Should Impact 2020 Budgets.

Episode 8

Guest Leah Daniels from

If you are looking to make your recruitment advertising dollars last as long as possible, or if you are thinking about your 2020 recruitment marketing budget at your organization, we’ll have some suggestions for ensuring you achieve the highest quality candidates at the lowest possible cost and we’ll talk about the 2019 Recruitment Advertising Trends that we are seeing and how those trends…


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What do you do with that HUGE candidate Database?

 Episode 7

Guest: Jeremy Roberts

When it comes to your candidate database does size really matter? I know that line is totally cheesy and cliché but I still think it’s an important question. There are still tons of companies out there that are recruiting under a false narrative of we need to build a huge database of candidates so that when we have an open job we can immediately start marketing to them. Here’s the problem those same companies have all this…


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How to Make Your End to End Recruiting Processes MORE Flexible, Inclusive and Consistent.

Episode 6

 Guest David Bernstein from

 Most companies use a traditional recruiting process that is very linear. You have processes that drive traffic and take prospective candidates, turn them into applicants which then go thru an interview and then get hired and on-boarded.

However, the recruiting process is anything BUT a linear process. Jobs get opened and closed,…


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2 Steps to Higher ROI on your 2020 Job Advertising Budgets

The 2020 Talent Acquisition Budget Season is upon us and I’m going to be discussing where you should be shifting your talent acquisition budget to make sure you get the greatest return on investment. Lower your cost per resume and applicant and dramatically increase the attention your brand gets in the marketplace. Now is the time that you can ensure that you get a dollar back for every penny you invest in 2020. If you wait until January it’ll be too late and the strategy will be set and the…


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How automation and AI are currently revolutionizing recruiting.

Episode 3

Guest Arran Stewart

Artificial Intelligence is effectively re-writing the rules of the recruiting process. What’s the point of AI? To make us mere mortals more efficient in the workplace? We're being told that AI will surely be able to outperform us on most tasks like Sourcing, stack ranking candidates, resume match and follow up communications. So in the future who will be the real Recruiting subject matter expert? The AI…


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Secrets of How to Scale Your Video Recruiting Efforts Episode 2

Learn how to manage all your video content to make it easier to scale your video recruiting efforts across your entire recruiting organization. How and when to set up a Video Management System (VMS).

 As you start to scale the amount of video content in your talent acquisition organization the sheer number and size of video files can get unmanageable very quickly. Today we have Maury Hanigan on the show and she is…


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