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LinkedIn vs. Facebook Recruitment: Understanding Your Followers

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Facebook Likes and LinkedIn Followers are believed to be a 'vanity' metric. By this I mean that if you don't know who's following you then the content may be a hit and miss. What sorts of content can you post based on the results seen in your insights or follower statistics? Which of the two sites offer the best insights to help recruiters distinguish, and possibly recruit, the people that are following them?

Understand your followers by reading more…


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Twitter: A Bite-Sized Social Recruitment Strategy

As a recruiter, there are 4 major steps recommended to follow when trying to use Twitter to it's maximum potential:

1. Follow the 80-20 rule

2. Use Hashtags

3. Engage with your audience

4. Analyze your tweets

After reading these main four you begin to ponder the question well how exactly can there four help me. Well, click here to read more about how you can optimize YOUR …


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A Look at how Southern Company uses their Facebook Career Page

Facebook Career Page A visually appealing cover photo can do wonders for a Facebook career page. Here we are having an inside look on the Southern Company's Career page. What did they do right and what can they improve on?


Click here to learn from the successes and downfalls on their …


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New Twitter Search Features- Twitter Recruitment Tweaked

Twitter recently launched some search feature updates this past weekend, which directly benefits people in the Twitter Recruitment space.

Twitter is a quick, dynamic micro-blogging site that allows you to post status updates of 140 characters or fewer. With nearly 600 million users, many of whom are in the United States, 1 billion new tweets are…


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How to Drive Traffic to your Faebook Career Page and get Likes

Recruiters frequently ask: "How do I increase likes on my Facebook Career Page?".

The short answer would be to consistently share great and relevant content that people are interested in seeing. If you choose to do this then your viewers will be delivered small pieces of sharable information. 

But here's the real question:

After setting up a Career Page, and posting this content, how do you get people to see the…


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Kred Recruitment: Interview with CEO Andrew Grill

After publishing our last article on using Kred for recruitment, Identified's very own Jen Picard was able to chat with CEO Andrew Grill about how the site works, future plans, and any thoughts he had on using their website as a recruiting tool.


You can read the Interview here:…


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10 Facebook Career Pages With the Largest Talent Communities

Companies have been swarming Facebook by setting up their corporate presence online. Yet, besides just using their corporate presence to attract candidates, these resourceful recruiters have discovered that Facebook can also be used to dig into a smaller fan base of people who are so interested and invested in the company culture that they chose to join their talent community on the careers page. Recruiters can then use these talent communities to not only showcase their wonderful employer…


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Using Social Recruitment for Search Engine Optimization

brand building, branding

Social Media influencer Jeff Bullas’ recently wrote an article explaining how search engines factor in a user’s Social Media influence when determining page ranking. Jeff Bullas concludes, “... I suspect…


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901,000,000 People. 1 Tool for Sourcing These Passive Candidates.

901,000,000 people have entered the world of Facebook, and that number is increasing daily. How do we ensure that we are maximizing every ounce of our potential in the social recruiting space? How do we adapt accordingly?

Having an effective tool for sourcing passive candidates is key to successfully using Facebook for recruitment.

As Facebook continues to shift and change, the transition of using it as a means for recruiting is definitely a gradual one. The…


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#Hashtag Chats for Twitter Recruitment

What is that weird waffle-looking thing at the beginning of that word and how does it help me? Well, that my friend, is called a hashtag (#) and it basically makes life easier for Twitter recruitment by helping you filter through categories of interests.

For instance, the following “tweet” includes “#recruiters” written…


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Facebook Recruitment for Start Ups

For whatever reason, whether they don't have enough followers or just simply lack the skill set, some recruiters and hiring managers at start ups find it discouraging when venturing into the social recruitment realm. Never fear, we're hear to tell all of you recruiters at start ups that Facebook recruitment is your…


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4 Reasons To Use WordPress To Source Passive Candidates

wordpress, recruiting

With so many social sites out there to use for sourcing candidates, you will find that some work better than others for certain types of positions. For example, we wrote a post a few weeks ago about using Pinterest and Instagram to find creative job candidates, such as…


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Add Employer Branding to your Facebook Job Postings

Everyone puts up job postings. What separates your job posts from the posts of other companies? What are you doing to help your company stand out to job seekers?

Showing your employer brand on your Facebook job…


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Get Creative When Recruiting Candidates on Vimeo

vimeo, vimeo recruiting, recruit

Compared to YouTube's 800 million unique users per month and over 3 billion views a day, Vimeo attracts a measly 65 million views. In an article debating whether …


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The Power of Niche Facebook Career Pages

What is a niche Facebook Career Page, and how can it help your Facebook Recruiting Strategy? Well, to start, it is a Career Page devoted to a specific job field within your company, such as sales positions or…


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Pinterest Recruitment: A Focused Demographic

Pinterst Recruitment  

According to AppData and Facebook’s advertising tool, 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women. Moreover, a 2012 infographic by Tamba shows that Pinterest users are predominantly women ages 18 and…


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Employer Branding Tactics: Respond to Negative Comments in 5 steps

The outside perception of your company culture and your employment brand drives job seekers to apply to your business. So, what do you do if one of your current or former employees posts negative comments about your…


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Posting Jobs On Facebook – The Why and How

If you've already taken the initiative to have a consumer presence on Facebook, then why not optimize things even further with a recruiting presence? You are not maximizing your potential on social media if you don't have a space for posting jobs on Facebook. Are you on the search for innovative, savvy employees? Then you should consider some simple yet crucial additions that will undoubtedly make your company appear more desirable to…


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What To Do When You're Out Of Content

You've done everything you need to build your social recruitment strategy, including creating social media accounts to share all career related news about your company. You've even found the time in your schedule to post regularly. But here's the problem: you can't think of anything to post on your company's career related pages. This happens to the best of…


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Companies At NACE With The Best Employer Brand

As we went through the list of all the fantastic companies at the NACE Conference with great employer brands on Facebook, there were a few that really shined above the rest. These companies not only exemplified what a great …


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